Make Money By Handing Out Flyers – Online/Offline Hybrid Method

If you want to try a method that very few people are doing (because most people are lazy) which can bring in some big bucks depending how hard you work at it then you might want to think about an online/offline method such as handing out flyers.  What?!  Handing out flyers is for people on the streets of NYC who get paid $5/hour, right?  Well… yes, but we’re going to be doing something a little bit differently with this method.  There’s a few steps to this method so let’s knock them out one by one.

1.  You need an affiliate account somewhere.  You probably want to read the whole article before you run out and sign up for an affiliate account so that you can think about the type of product you want to promote.  A few affiliate programs that are always good are Amazon Associates, Neverblue, and Commission Junction.  But there are tons more so find one that suites your needs.

2.  Once you have an affiliate account and find the product you want to promote you’ll need to create a link to that product/offer.  You still don’t understand why because we haven’t gotten there yet, so come back to this step later and reread it.  Now when you find a product/offer/service/whatever you want to create a link which you’re going to put on your flyer.  Make it something that looks trustworthy.  Meaning, do not create a link and do not put your ugly affiliate link.  What I recommend doing is spending the $10 to buy a domain name.  When you figure out what the product is you are promoting buy a domain name that relates to it.  If you are going to promote an email submit offer for a free $100 Starbucks giftcard then look for a domain name relating to coffee…  something like or, whatever is available.  One thing you want to avoid is do not buy a domain name that has a trademark in it.  In this example. do not buy a domain that has “Starbucks” in it. When you get your domain name you can forward it to the offer URL.  To be clear, people go to your URL and you have a redirect setup that takes them directly to the offer landing page.  If the offer allows you to iframe the landing page you should do that.

3.  Slowly but surely you should be picking up on what we’re going to be doing here.  Following our Starbucks gift card example we’re going to create a flyer to entice people to visit the URL on the flyer in order to get something.  There is a fine line when you do affiliate marketing between what you can say and what you can’t say…  you can’t tell someone something is free if it is not free, but you can say “Receive a $100 Starbucks gift card at no cost”.  Because flyers can cost some money to print out I would recommend you make either 4, 6, or 8 of them on each sheet of paper.  Put a nice graphic, put a catchy headline, and put the URL you want them to go to.

4.  Everything is now set up.  After you run through steps 1-3 the first time you won’t need to run through them again which is nice.  Now comes the manual work.  You need to get them distributed.  Think about where your target market would be.  The mall, a coffee shop, a sporting event, etc…?  And you want to make sure it is legal to distribute the flyers wherever you decide to go.  The most effective way to convert is to personally hand them out to people.  Sure, you could plop down a stack at a coffee shop but that is the lazy way to do it, and if one person decides to pick up your pile and throw it in the trash you are getting zero conversions from that stack of flyers.  You could put them on windshields but how often do you keep a flyer that you found on your windshield?

5.  Track everything.  If you’re going to take this method seriously and turn it into a part time or full time income for yourself you should consider tracking everything.  This way you can know how well the offer converted at a mall versus the conversion rate at the football stadium versus the conversion rate at the local diner.  There is a fluctuation and finding out the best converting places can literally increase your revenue tenfold.


That’s the method on how to use flyers to create revenue through an offline/online method.  People are lazy and I guarantee you that 98 out of 100 people that read this will never try it because it is ‘too much work’ for them.  That is why this method has been and will be a solid money maker for those 2 people who give it an honest shot.  You can give this method a shot for $30 ($10 for a domain name and $20 worth of flyer print outs at Kinko’s or wherever you go) so the cost here to give it a whirl is not steep at all.  So what are you waiting for?  Go out and get that money!

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  1. Wow this idea is brilliant! Especially since on fiverr you can pay people $5 and they’ll hand out 100 flyers some people even more. Now imagine if they hand out the flyers outside a starbucks and you get 20 to 30 conversions or even more and let’s say it’s $1.20 per email submit. 30 x 1.20 = $36. Say you have a lot of success, just order the flyer guy on fiverr to just pass out more flyers. I mean I can even pass out the flyers myself and my dad’s work gives him unlimited free printing LOL so big time money haha.

    This is soooo smart, thank you! 🙂

     — Reply