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A few questions have dribbled in (three to be exact) so I figured I’d take a little time out from the project I’m working on and answer the questions.  Since people took the time to ask I should take the time to answer, so let’s get to it…


I want to get into internet marketing but I only have $100 to use.  What is my best use of my money to get started?  -Rob

What I would say is first find out what area of internet marketing you want to get into.  You should do this by reading… A LOT.  Are you interested in whitehat or blackhat methods?  Do you want to monetize with Adsense or CPA or rev share or CPM, etc…   Are you to build your own site or are you going to use free blogging platforms like Blogger or are you going to use posts (i.e. posting on Craigslist or blogs or forums)?  When you start out people tend to have information overload so read a lot, find one specific thing that you want to run with, and then read as much as you can about that topic.

It is hard to know the best way to spend your money without knowing what exactly you are going to try to do.  If I had $100 to start out with I would buy two domain names and hosting.  My favorite hosting company is Godaddy.  I like GoDaddy for a few reasons.  First, they are affordable, a lot of the smaller domain registrars and hosting companies charge a lot more.  Because GoDaddy is so big and has scales of economy they can afford to charge less then the smaller guys.  Second, I use WordPress on most of my sites and installing WordPress through GoDaddy is literally a few clicks of the button.  It is very simple and it is automated.  And finally, GoDaddy customer service is pretty good and they are always open.  I’ve spoken to them tons of times and almost always I walk away with my questions answered correctly. 


How can I start making money today online?  -Tim

Tim, this is everyone’s favorite question and there really is no magic bullet for you to start raking in millions today.  There are methods that you can do to start making money today, but the only thing with these methods is that once you stop doing them you will not receive any passive income from them in the future, so as long as you are OK with this then here’s one thing you can do…

Post on classified ad sites.  Sites like Craigslist, Backpage, etc…  You will need to find a CPA offer that will help people in some way, create a post, and when they reply to you concerning the post you send them to your CPA offer.  One example is a car insurance offer that offers to help people lower their car insurance by $500.  Create an ad concerning this and your target market will reply to you.  Send them to your offer and when they complete whatever action is needed you will be earning some revenue.  But remember, when you stop making those posts and replying to their emails you will stop earning money.


What is the best tip you can give to someone starting out in internet marketing?  -Gina

Hey Gina, the piece of advice that I would give to anyone starting out is to stay focused on one project and watch out for information overload.  There are many great methods, niches, monetization methods, etc… and people can become overloaded with all this information.  They want to try to start 20 different projects at once and the projects get done half assed or not completed at all.  I’d recommend doing a lot of reading and finding the one thing that interests you the most and just focusing on that.  Become an expert in it, do your project with 100% focus and dedication, and only when your project is on autopilot and you’re generating income that you are happy with should you consider branching out to another area.


Thanks for the questions guys and gal.  If anyone has a question you can hit the “Submit to Mailbag” in the top navigation bar and send me a question.  I’ll answer it, though it may not be right away, but I will eventually answer it in a post on the site here.

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  1. Hi Chris. I’m really interested in domain flipping after reading your articles. I can totally relate to it because it’s direct. Having a domain, then selling it higher than what you paid for to get profit. I understand that your best advice is to read, A LOT, which is fine by me. But with all those BS info products out there, can you suggest any books, ebooks, etc. that’s trustworthy and up to date with the current market?

    I have the same question as rob who only have $100 to do internet marketing. Can i do domain flipping with only a $100 to start with? I was planning on reinvesting if i make a profit and continue from there. Can you provide some guides or tutorials or anything?

    Thanks Chris. Looking forward to your reply.

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    • Plunkett – I have wrote a few posts on domain flipping and then I decided to make it easier for people and put it into an ebook that I am giving out for free (check the sidebar of my site for the link to the free ebook). You can start out with $100 but which will get you 10 .com domains at GoDaddy (or wherever you choose to register them from). But before spending it you want to learn as much as possible so that you can wisely buy those 10 domains. This site,, keeps lists of what domains sell each week so you can start to get an idea of what is moving in the marketplace. It may help you identify an area to invest in.

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