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What is live tweeting?

Live tweeting refers to someone tweeting what is basically a play by play of a event that the tweeter is involved in, hopefully with a humorous or informative twist. If you know any sports journalists, this is their go to form of social media. They are attending a game, draft, Superbowl or what ever it may be, they can stir up a lot of interest by live tweeting through the event. Live tweeting creates a great way for people that are not there to gain a perspective that they otherwise would not be able to experience.

You don’t have to be a celebrate or involved with sports to take advantage of live tweeting. Simply attending an event puts you in a position to live tweet to an audience. Get in on the trending hashtag that applies to the event and people with find you and interact with you.

If you manage a twitter account, you will find that live tweeting will create the most interest and buzz more so than anything else in the twitterverse. Like we said, people are interested in the alternate perspective that you can provide by live tweeting.

What does this have to do with internet marketing?

It is a great way to build up your brand and bring in some more visitors to your site(s). It works especially well if you are live tweeting about something that involves the niche that your site is in. If you have an antique site, go to the antiques road show the next time it is in town and live tweet from there. You are now talking directly to a highly targeted audience.

When you live tweet, tweet often and tweet a lot. This will keep everyone engages and present. This, however, will also have a harmful effect. Some of your followers may not be interested in the event that you are tweeting about and may get annoyed by the constant tweets. They could very well unfollow you  at that point. It is a double edged sword in a way but in the end, it will create a net positive effect. You will loose some of your followers, but at the same time, you will replace them with people that are more engaged in your niche. You may even end up with more followers than what you had before you began.

When you live tweet, try to be entertaining and provide some information to your audience. Remember, the people that are reading your tweets are likely people that want to know what is going on at the event so make sure you give that information to them. Throw some jokes in there, add your opinion and you are good to go.

Hopefully, the end result will be an increase follower base of people that are more active and interested in your niche than the group of people that you lost. Live tweeting is a great way to build up your account and drive additional traffic towards your site.

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