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For the past decade eBay has been the absolute king of the online auction sales industry. The site itself is primarily geared towards US consumer but is one of the fastest growing international marketplaces in recent years. It’s no surprise that Americans who spend a lot of time online are highly educated, work in high paying job sectors, , and have lots of disposable income to spend! This is where we come into play. Making money with eBay is ultimately a numbers game! You don’t have to be a technical wiz to succeed with eBay. There’s no need to code beautifully designed sites or use software to rank for high competition keywords. In fact, the eBay market place is designed with marketers in mind! The only thing in the way from living the life of your dreams is your mindset and discipline. I had an extensive background in marketing before I stumbled upon this secret. However, the truth of the matter is that there’s no need to have any knowledge to succeed in eBay. Like most of us, I was totally clueless as to how some people were able to make hundreds of thousands or even millions whilst working in their pajamas from home!

If you haven’t already noticed you need to register with ebay in order to earn an income as a seller. However, it’s imperative to ensure that you sign up with a premier Paypal account. The next step doesn’t involve registering on affiliate websites. Instead, you will be dedicating your energy on making your own product! Rest assured, this is much easier than it sounds. You won’t need any brilliant ideas or investment capital to come up with a quality product in less than a day. In fact, you won’t even need to spend a penny in outsourcing any of the work. The most untapped niche in online sales is digital products. In order to generate content you can sign up to a resell rights membership site and promote their info-products or research a “make money online” topic on various internet marketing forums. There is tonnes of great information scattered around the internet. Most so-called “gurus” are simply rehashing it and compiling everything into a pretty e-book. The beauty of this business model is it requires as little as $20 to get started and involves none of the overhead costs of a traditional online store. By the time you require employees you’ll already be on a hammock in the Bahamas! Furthermore, you won’t need to pay them a dime in salary as these so-called employees could potentially be affiliates looking to prosper online. This is no get rich quick scheme. Ultimately, you need to create an e-book that will help others overcome their problems. Even if you’re interested in reselling private label rights e-book, you need to bear in mind that content is king!

Now, as you may already know selling e-books is already quite a competitive industry. One trick to gain a competitive advantage is to burn your e-book pdf to a blank cd. This is especially appealing for older people and ads a more personal touch to your digital product brand brand. It has also been shown as an effective strategy to reap the rewards of repeat customers.

The last step is ultimately the most important since it’s an integral part of any online money making venture. As you should know you need quality traffic to make sales on eBay. Youtube and Yahoo answers are prime sources of eBay traffic. To get started make a simple slideshow video pertaining to your product. You can use the free program built into your program but an actual testimonial video is far more effective. The next step is to use a Youtube traffic exchange to boost your videos in the Youtube search rankings. For more details and insight into this fantastic untapped method stay tuned for the next installment!

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