Is Manual Backlink Creation Better?

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If you have ever sorted through any SEO services, you may have noticed that “high quality” (and high prices) services offer manual backlink creation. This generally means web 2.0’s that are created manually and other profile creation duties. That is the main difference between automatic backlink creation and manual backllink creation. There are other differences as well and that is what we will get in to in this article.


This is the main difference, quality. Google will value a link more highly is the web 2.0 blog or which ever backlink it is, shows signs of organic or natural creation. Think about it, if you are creating a legitimate web 2.0 property yourself, aren’t you more likely to do things like add images, create bio’s and post other articles to it? The answer is yes and Google knows this. Google keeps an eye open and will aware more value to a blog that looks as if it is created by hand over one that doesn’t.

Manual creation also implies a 100% unique article. Again, a organically created blog will never have a 70% unique article. This is actually a major red flag; to use spun content. They will still receive some value in Google, but it won’t be very high at all.

On the other side, you have automatic backlink creation. These, in general, will be lower in quality. They are spun content and contain no or very little personalization such as irrelevant blurbs, pictures and so on. That is the disadvantage that automatic tools have. They are generally not able to create details such as those.

When you are looking for quality, manual creation will always reign supreme. This isn’t the perfect solution, however. As you will read below, there is a trade off for buying manually created links.

Cost (Time)

The trade off to get those high quality manual links is a higher cost or if you are creating them yourself, more time. The advantage that tools have over manual creation is that you can create many more backlinks at a cheaper rate and a much faster. With manual creation, you have to write or buy the article, create the account, fill in the details of that profile and optimize each article yourself. Using a tool, you only have to buy the software, learn how to use it (pretty straight forward if you have ever used an SEO tool before) and let it run.

So when you are comparing manual backlink creation vs automatic backlink creation, you would have to consider your budget, the difficulty of the keyword and the payoff of ranking for the particular keyword. Long term, you should stick with manual whenever possible. Google will always continue to reward the best and most unique content so that will put you ahead of the curve as far as future updates are concerned.

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