Instagram Method

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today. Over the past few years, Instagram has been one of the fastest growing social platforms and is not anywhere near plateauing. If you don’t believe me, just ask Facebook which bought Instagram for $1 billion. Why are we talking about this, you may be asking…well, we have a method to discuss of course!. In this article, we will go over a method that can bring you $50+ per day using the power of Instagram.

The first step is to create about 1,000 Instagram accounts. Grab some spun bio pieces or make them yourself to get them created quickly and make them appear as if they are real people. It is pretty easy to spot spammers so don’t skimp on this! Throw in a few pictures as well.

Next, go to your local affiliate network and find a nice little offer that you think will sell. Once you find your offer, you will want to create the Instagram profile equivalent of a landing page. Name this account something similar to your offer and build the profile around that. You will also need a domain. You can use a link shortener but a .com will give your plan a little more credibility. Redirect the domain to your landing profile.

Once you have your domain set up, make those 1,000 accounts that you created follow the landing profile.

*Note: If you don’t know how to create that many Instagram accounts or you just don’t feel like it you can always find hem on Fiverr.

For our purposes, fake followers are okay so don’t worry about low quality accounts being used.

Now you are going to want to comment on pictures within your followers. If you have a bot that can do this, you are already ahead of the game. The important thing to note is that you should use hash tags when you are commenting on pictures. Doing this will push your earnings per click up because you will rope in more potential people to your offer.

Now get back on your favorite spinning program and spin out some comments. The idea here is to use your comments to drive people to your offers. Avoid red flag words such as “free” or “win”. Since these are meant for humans to read, you can get away with words like FR-EE and lPad etc… You will have to get creative here. Words like that are more difficult to avoid than you would think. When you are spinning out your comments, try to keep them vague and funny if possible.

Basically, you are going to want to have a bot that will continuously do this on new pictures for a few hours a day. This method is easy to scale up and even easier to fine tune.

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