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Did you know that your clickthrough rate is not as good as it could be?  Did you know that you can increase your clickthrough rate with one easy step.  It is so easy and simple and intuitive that you’ll want to slap yourself for not doing it already because of how much money you’ve lost out on.  This little tip could literally double, triple, quadruple your earnings.  And instead of putting it in an ebook and peddling it for $19.95 I’m going to share this tip with you here.

But first, let’s quickly talk about how you currently get people to click on your affiliate links.  The most common way is to use anchor text on your site that links to a retailer’s site using your affiliate ID.  Everyone does this, I do it, you do it, we all do it.  And it works… to a certain degree.  But you want to take it a step further.  You know there are some people who just don’t like clicking on links.  Some people are scared of getting a virus on their computer.  Other people know about affiliate commissions and they don’t want you to earn anything.  And about 15 other reasons why people won’t click on your link.  But here’s a tip on how to significantly bump up that clickthrough rate and start earning yourself some more moneyyyyyyyy…

Use an image, either of the product or an image of a video.  Huh?  Ok, let’s explain briefly because I’m a busy guy and you lose your focus after reading 200 words.  Let’s say I’m promoting a Kindle and I’m doing so with my affiliate partner account.  What would get people to click on my link instead of just wandering over to themselves and looking up the Kindle?  An image.  There are two types of images I use, they both work very well.  First method:

1.  Take a picture of the Kindle that you found on Amazon or online or whatever.  Add some text to that image that says something enticing, something that will get people to click that image.  Be creative, some basic examples are “See more pictures” or “View the lowest price” or whatever you want.  Basically you are going to entice people to click on the image, and you will have that linked to your affiliate link, so they will get directed to the Kindle page on through your affiliate link.  This works pretty good, but there is something that works even better.

2.  A lot of products (especially electronics) have video reviews on or instructional videos or videos of some type.  People love watching a video of an expensive product before they buy it.  They want to see firsthand what they are getting and see it in action.  Take a screenshot of the video player with the video shown.  Crop that page screenshot so you get just an image of the video and link that image to the review page using your affiliate link.  Still confused?  Ok, look at this example below.

So now you get what I’m saying.  The person goes to ‘watch’ the review and they click through your affiliate link and land on the Amazon site.  They still get to watch the review so they are happy.  You just increased your chances of making some money so you’re happy.  Everyone wins.  If you like the post then drop a link to it on some other sites you visit.  I’m not doing any backlinking to Anticareer myself (no time) so I need you scallywagers to do it for me.  Now get to earning that cash!

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  1. I do not like the vid with a play button that is not truly a video on your site. That tactic is very close to the line of crossing ethical practices. I do however like the adding text to a product pic.

     — Reply