If You’re Thinking About Flipping Domains Here’s an Auction For You

I had written a few posts about domain flipping and how you can get started in it.  There’s an online auction going on right now that will finish in a little over six days and there’s currently some pretty good/decent domains in there.  You can check out the Snapnames auction here if interested.  The bids right now are very reasonable and I have my eye on quite a few of the domains.  As with any auction I participate in, I have a ballpark figure that I’d be willing to spend on each domain.  If the bidding goes above that amount I try to stick to my guns and drop out of the bidding on that domain.  I don’t know how the bidding will go over the next six days, but so far there are quite a few bargains out there… whether they will remain bargains remains to be seen.  If you bid, good luck!

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  1. Hi chris,
    Love the information you have shared,you talked about buying droped domains from Namejet,what about hand reg domains?can someone still be able to find a valuable hand reg domain and flip for good profit in a short time just the way you explained?

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    • @ Paul

      Yes, you can still find hand regged domains that can be flipped, but it is harder to find that hand regged domain that you can sell for $20k. You also need to have a better “feel” when you buying hand regged domains because with using Namejet for buying dropping domains you can easily spot a good domain, but with hand regged domains you need more feeling on if the domain is resaleable. This “feel” is not something you can read about and pick up, it is more something you learn with time. I’m still acquiring it myself to a certain degree.

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