If You Need Hosting Might as Well Get It For 50% Off (+Free Domain Name)

I rarely if ever post about promo codes or deals because most of them will save you a buck or two here or there… and yes, money is money but I have better things to write about on here.  But if you get can hosting for 50% off and you need to pick up one hosting account or multiple hosting accounts (if you have some big dreams that you want to turn into reality) then a half price deal on hosting could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars so I’ll take some time out to mention it.   And they are also giving a free domain name with each hosting account purchased.

If interested you can get in on the deal through here:  GoDaddy 50% Off Hosting Deal

Since you’re here I might as well give a little update of what I’ve been up to recently.

First off, I have a plugin I’m going to give out for free on Anticareer.com sometime in May.  If you are a WordPress user you might like this little guy.  What is it?  It is a greyhat way to get free high quality backlinks to your site.  What is greyhat?  It is a legal but morally questionable item.  So maybe it will be for you but maybe it won’t.

I’ve been working full steam ahead on a lot of passive income projects.  There is absolutely nothing better then working hard and setting something up which will run itself and generate income for you for the next few years.  I do this in quite a few niches… I do it for a few gambling affiliate programs, I do it for the Watch TV Online affiliate programs, I do it for insurance and refinancing affiliate programs, and a few other smaller ones.  Love it, love it, love it.

I’m also working on a full fledged business plan for a big web development project.  I don’t want to go at it half assed and so while most of the time I like to wing it and think on the go for a big project I am putting pen to paper and getting everything worked out beforehand in order to try to avoid any hiccups once I start development and beyond.

I’ve also been working on some split testing.  There’s more then one way to skin a cat so when you monetize a site how do you know the affiliate offer you are using is generating the most income for you?  So I’ve gone back to a lot of my passive income sites that are earning good money for me and testing out different offers on them to see if I could generate even more income.  The ones where I see a gain I stick with, the ones where income falls I go back to the original offer.  Always good to do this with some sort of regularity (every few months).

Keeping busy and hopefully you are too.  Remember, for every minute you are not out there working there is someone else who is.

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