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How do I construct an AdSense page? How do I write the article? How do I place the ads? How do I increase my AdSense earnings?!?!

Well, there is a lot to it. More than what I can cover in a single post but fear not, we will cover all of it in time.

When you are writing or requesting content with the idea of monetizing it with AdSense, there are a few tricks that you should do in order to improve your earnings. In this article, we will go over some of those tricks. We are going to focus on the article itself and not the placement, type or size of the ads. Don’t get me wrong, that is very important as well, but we don’t want to overlook how to structure the content.

First, we will talk about viewer retention (visitor retention/reader retention ect…).

You should want the readers to remain somewhat engaged in your content. You don’t want to answer all of their questions, otherwise they will not have any reason to click on the ads, but you don’t want them to take one look and leave either.

There are a few things you can do to grab the readers attention, at least for a few seconds, and that is the goal. If the content is poor, if it is structured poorly or the site looks crappy, they will be gone in a second. There is just too much information on the internet for them to waste their time on an uninspiring site.

Small Paragraphs

First, you should to split your article into small paragraphs. 2-4 sentences is perfect. I did this throughout this article to show you. You don’t have to have 15 subheadings in your article, you can simply split larger paragraphs into several smaller ones. This makes the content very easy to read and digest.

The reader is more likely to read a 3 sentience paragraph over a full page block of text or a 12 sentience paragraph. If they see a large block of text, they are more likely to loose interest and leave. Once they read that small 3 sentience portion of the article, they will be more likely to read the rest. This keeps them on your page longer and increases the chance that they click on an ad. =More Money!

And don’t forget the line breaks!
This is not good 🙁
But this is 🙂

H# Tags
You will also want to grab their attention as quickly as you can. Make the title big. Make the headings stand out. Keep them focused and to the point. You can even use different font colors if it works (Beware: This could come off as tacky). Don’t give the reader a chance to leave the page without them knowing the title and sub topics of the article.

Use images to make your page more attractive. Insert relevant but interesting images that will encourage the visitor to give it a second look. It is also be a good idea to place the images close by to your sub headers. Within a half second, the reader should notice images and headings that intrigue.

Many people prefer watching videos over reading content. The video doesn’t have to explain the entire article, but just it’s presence can get them to stay and have an impact on you earnings.

“This page sucks! Too many words!”…”Wait, let’s see what this video is before I do”…”This video sucks too! arg!”

The video can suck, it just has to be there. Even though our angry reader left angry, the video still got him to stay on our page 10, 20, 30 seconds longer. That is a win for us. Again, the longer they stay, the more clicks are made.

You may also want to consider setting the video to auto play. I wouldn’t recommend that across the board since auto play videos can get quite annoying, but you can experiment with it on and off. sometimes it works well, other times it doesn’t.

Length of the Article
Keep the article around 400-600 words. Long enough so that you can get across some relevant information and have enough space for your AdSense and AdSense manipulation (a future article), but not too long. Any longer and it will turn the reader off in the same way giant blocks of text do.

If you have 1,000+ words to deal with, I would suggest that you write a second introduction/conclusion and break it up into two 600 word articles. If you can help it though, keep your articles compact (a little shorter than this one).

That is how you write an AdSense article. There are other factors to keep in mind like verbiage and placement, which you can look forward to learning about in the near future.

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