How to Use SENUKE X to Make Money Online

If you aren’t making a penny online or if you are but are looking to diversify, if you are looking to boost your SEO game, if you want to promote some Clickbank products, or if you want to build an authority site you can accomplish all that and more with the help of SENUKE X.  This tool is very powerful, it can be used tons of different ways, and if your willing to put in a little time to learn SENUKE X and some time to use it and be patient as you starting building you will be rewarded in the end.  In this article I’m going to talk about one of the ways that I use SENUKE X to make some money online and this is a basic method so you should be able to do it too.  If you want to see SENUKE X in action you can check out these videos and see how this beast gets the job done.

The two cent summary of SENUKE X is that it is a tool that automates the process of building web 2.0 blog pages, social bookmarking submissions, video submission, forum profile submission, press releases, article submissions and about 10 more things.  You can sign up for a 14 day free trial to test out the software (you do not need to put a credit card on file, you link your free trial to your paypal account, they charge you nothing up front, and within 14 days if you don’t like it you can cancel your subscription and you got two weeks for free).  When you sign up you will get access to the SENUKE training tutorial videos.  There are about 10 videos, if you watch the first 2 you will learn everything you need to know to get going.  Then when you get more comfortable with SENUKE X you can watch the more advanced videos.  The first two videos total about 40 minutes.

Let’s discuss one method I’m doing to get money in my pocket with SENUKE X.  I’m going to create accounts at the Social Networks (this is sites like,, etc…) using SENUKE X.  Takes me about 2 minutes to see up 3 profiles and then it does the work and runs for about 15 minutes.  Next, I’m going to identify which of my websites I want to 1.  drive traffic to and 2.  increase my offsite SEO work on.  Let’s say the niche is Sony Cameras.  I’m going to then post a few articles to each social network page about Sony Cameras.  I will either not put any link in the article, or put a link to a site that everyone knows like  What I’m doing here is building credibility with my social network accounts.  If you create accounts and then try writing an article and spinning it and putting your link in there a lot of them will flag it as spam and you just lost your most important backlinks.  So these first few articles are top notch.  I don’t spin them.  I don’t put my link in them.  They are on point about the topic I want the account to be known for.  And I’m gaining cred.  I’ll spread out submitting these cred building articles over a few days.  Then I wait a week.  And now I’m ready to go to work on making some cash for myself.  Now I use the SENUKE X to generate some high quality SEO value for my site, ideally I can drive some traffic to my site, and between the both I will generate some income.

Now that is a very short summary of one method I’m using.  You don’t get handed the keys to the kingdom but you get a sneak peek under the hood a bit.  I’m going to be posting quite a few articles about what I’m doing with SENUKE X to give you some ideas you may have not thought of.  In return, if you’re doing anything with SENUKE X and you want to give me a sneak peek under the hood drop me a comment and let me know how you’re utilizing this kick azz tool.

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