How to Use a Script and Reel in the Profits on Movie Sites

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I have this one buddy that makes websites, never monetizes them, just sells them and pulls in mid four figures per month doing this.  That doesn’t sound too outrageous but I haven’t finished…  he uses a script to make the sites which cost him $47 and he has the site making process down to under 1 hour per site.  He then takes the sites and sells them to people for anywhere from $50-$250 per site (depending on how much he can negotiate out of a person – he starts at $250 and he’s willing to keep dropping it if he feels the other person is going to walk until he hits $50 and that is his final selling price).  It is normally hard to sell a website if it hasn’t earned a penny but if you are able to create a great looking website that looks unique, professional, and looks like it is worth the money all by itself then showing no revenue is not a problem.  And it also helps when it is a popular niche that the general public is interested in and loves.  I’m talking about movies.  The movie clone script is an out of the box script used to generate some pretty kickin sites.  You can see an example above or you can check out their site for more detailed info.  The way that you should approach a script is by taking a look at the demo site and saying to yourself “If someone offered me to buy their site and it looked like this, would I be willing to buy it even if it hasn’t made a dime”.  For the majority of scripts you would say “Hell’s no” or at least I would because a lot of the scripts out there generate sites that look like they belong in the 1990’s.  But for this movie clone script it looks high end, it is catchy, and people see the potential there.

The biggest question you should have now if you have your head out of the sand you little ostrich is where does my buddy sell the sites.  I cannot give away all the secrets but I will give away some.  Think about where people are looking to buy things.  Ebay, Craigslist, Backpage, web developer forums, etc… but the key is finding all those other places where you would have no competition trying to sell some kick azz sites.  If you find a site that is untapped where you can market stuff (like a movie site) you can literally drive sales every week of the month.

The key is in your sales pitch you shouldn’t mentioned you made this site from an out of the box script, but talk the site up and let them see the exact site/domain that they are getting.  One mistake that a lot of rookies will make is that they will make a demo site, and then they will send potential buyers to the demo site.  When you send someone to a demo site you are basically telling them that what you are offering is not so special, its not so unique because there is a demo site out there which means it is not a one of a kind.  Screwing this up can KILL your sales.  Making this mistake can make you go from 5 sales per day to 5 sales per month.  Remember, when you are selling something to someone you are not only selling them a product, you are selling them the idea.  Come up with a great script that you will explain to them how they can monetize the site.  Tell them how professional web developers would charge anywhere from $1,000-$5,000 for a professional site (and even send them a few links to a web developers site if you can find some that show their pricing so that your potential customer can see that they are getting a great deal).

A lot of people think you need to have a ton of cash to come online and make money.  Not true, this is one great example how you can start with less than $100 and create your own business with low risk, a huge customer market, and something simple enough for most noobs to do.

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  1. Didn’t think you were able to re-sell sites with this guys scripts?

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