How to Sell your Service or Product Effectivley

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Do you have a service, WSO, money making method promotion or are thinking about doing any of those? If yes, this is the post for you. If no, this is still the post for you. In this article, we will talk about how to optimize a sales page to help you hype up and sell your product, service or ebook as well as possible. If you are not selling or looking to sell anything, this will still be a helpful thread as it will show you what to look out for when guru’s are hyping up their product. Anyway, lets get to it!


Pick a headline that will express the main benefit of what you are selling. Usually, this would be “how to earn $x,xxx” by doing “Y”. Go bold. Make the surfer want to give your thread or sales page a look as opposed to loosing it in the mess of all the others. You will also want to avoid making unrealistic claims which may turn visitors off. Make your headline exciting but believable.

Phone Number

Use one. This makes you seem legit. Most people are not going to call you, especially if it is about a digital product but just having a number where they could reach you instantly raises your credibility which leads to more sales. Don’t use your own number. It would be best if you used a throw away number for this. Buy a $10 go phone. That should do the trick.

Price at the Bottom

The first two things that visitors will want to know are what the product or service that you are selling does and its cost. Putting the price at the bottom it just like how grocery stores put their milk and bread in the back. These popular items make the customer walk through the entire store which increases the chance that they make a purchase that they were not planning to make. Putting your price at the bottom makes the visitor scroll down and skim through your entire sales page. If you do a good job on your sales page, it will increase the likely hood that a visitor that was not planning to make a purchase does so.

Add Frills

Pick a theme for your sales page. For example, an NBA theme, where you use the likes of Chris Paul, LeBron James and Dwight Howard to represent your low, medium and high packages. This makes your thread more memorable to the visitor and increases the likelihood that they consider your product and return to your thread at a later date.

But Not too Many Frills

Adding too much will distract the attention of your potential customer. You want to add something so that they will remember your thread, but make sure they will have a clear understanding on how your product will benefit them.

There are just a few ways in which you can increase your sales from your sales page. If you are thinking about launching a product or have an idea that you think will sell, stick to these guidelines and you should do well.

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