How to Safely Mass Upload to YouTube pt. 6

So far, we have learned how to create channels with no footprints using proxies, show that are channels are active and how to use comments to improve the authority and the conversion rate of our videos. We also learned about YouTube’s copyright terms and how to keep your channel is safe as possible. In part five, we talked about how to avoid leaving footprints within our URLs using two different methods. In this last part of the series, we are going to quickly go over what to add to your review title, description and tags so that your channels are not interlinked.

This is probably the easiest topic that we are going to go over. For the most part, you will want to make sure that you are not leaving any footprints on your titles, descriptions or tags.

To refresh your memory, a footprint is a common line of text which can be used to connect multiple pages together. You will want to avoid using particular names or phrases across all of your videos are channels. Try not to make reference to your site money site under videos because that is a common mistake that many people do across different channels

YouTube is getting better at auto generating the transcriptions as well. If you have a testimonial for narrative type video, make sure that the spoken text is unique enough that it will not show up as duplicate content in the YouTube transcription. The best way to do this is to narrate or give your narrator an outline of what to say and allow them to speak in free form. This will vary the narration enough so that you will avoid the troubles concerning duplicate transcripts.

These days, YouTube’s transcription is not much of a concern, however, they’re continuing to improve upon it and it will be a factor to consider down the road. Get one step ahead of the game and take care that issue now before it hurts you in the future.

When you’re creating the tags, make sure you marry them as much as possible. Since you will be making a lot of it is in the same niche, is easy to simply repeat set amount of tags over and over. When you create tags, start out with writing out as many as you can. When you create each video randomly draw roughly 5 tags to use on the video. This will allow you to use relevant tags without repeating the same set over and over.

The description should be unique. It does not have to be lengthy, only a few sentences will do. Off the top of your head, write a few lines which explain the video and contain your target keyword.

The title should focus on your target keyword, however you want to make sure that you have a lot of variation around the keyword. This will allow you to target long tail keywords with each video and attract more visitors to your money site.

That wraps up our 6 part series on How to Safely Mass Upload to YouTube. Look over this series a few times and make sure you understand everything. There’s a lot to digest so we’re going to write up a summary for you in a few days. Read through the summary and go through of the six articles so that you will be able to safely create many YouTube accounts.

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