How to Safely Mass Upload to YouTube pt 3

In part two, we explained how to set up your YouTube account without leaving any way for you to your different channels together. In this article, we will talk about what you should do to keep your channel active and comments on your videos.

Be Active

Now that you have your channel set up, you will want to start using your channel and increase the accounts activity. Comment on videos, like and dislike videos, add to your favorites and subscribed to a few popular channels. Try to do a little of this every day so that YouTube sees that it is an active account.

Uploading Videos

Eventually, you’re going to want to start uploading videos. Try not to upload all the videos at one time if you can. Upload one video every few days. As you upload each video, add a small amount of views, likes, subscribers, favorites and comments to it. When you start to gain natural visitors, try to create a discussion in your video comments. If anyone comments on your video, try to reply to them as often as you can. This is to show that you are a real person using the channel and you will be much less likely to be reported or flagged by anyone.


Comments are extremely tricky when you try to automate hem. We mentioned above that you should send comments to your video so that it seems as though it is active which will keep the video safe and will help with rankings. The downside of purchasing comments is that they are very easy to sniff out. Users will often report videos if they see auto spun comments because of their irrelevance.

Comment Approval

You also do not want to have people commenting that the you are a scam or spam. Spun comments will encourage other users to find your video and take down the channel. To avoid this, you can set your comments to be manually approved. This means you’ll have to check in your account more often which is more work you, however it will pay off with more conversions your video.

Channel Comments

Go through some channels that are in your niche and comment on their channel pages. Leave a relevant reply and ask them to respond on your channel. This will create real discussion on your page with established accounts. Each you will see this as further evidence that your account is legitimate and should not be subject to termination.

Talk to Yourself

You can also create your own comments. Go to Amazon and the for reviews of your product. Pick a few of those reviews and change the wording of it and post them under fake accounts. If you do a good job with a consonant sound natural, this will increase your conversions a lot. Have conversations with the other fake profiles. Have one essay question any other answer. When you do this, make sure that everything looks real including the timestamps on comments.

Creating comments and filtering out poor comments by using the comment approval function will do wonders in increasing the effectiveness of your video. A positive comment is extremely powerful when your viewers are thinking about making the purchase.

If you do this most important thing is to sound natural. It is better to have no comments than comments that are obviously forged.

In part 3, we will talk about copyright terms and reuploading videos.

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