How to Safely Mass Upload to YouTube pt 2

This will be part 2 of our How to Safely Mass Upload to YouTube series. In the first part, we get an introduction to what we will be covering. In this article, we will begin to dive into what you should do not to as you are preparing to upload a large amount of videos to YouTube.


You can create your first channel at your home IP address. If you create any more channels, you will want to use a proxy or alternate IP address. Ideally, you should go to your local Starbucks, a fast food place or library and create your channel there. This is easy and will not cause any proxy complications down the road. If you use public wifi, try to do all of your work there. We will discuss this later on, but make sure you will be able to use the same IP for the account creation and uploading of your videos.

What do you mean by proxy complications?

YouTube has been known to ban certain sets of proxies., for example, is a popular proxy service which will not work on YouTube because it has been banned. You will be able to find proxies that work on YouTube, however if you use them, you are in danger of losing your videos if they ever get banned in the future. Play it safe and use real IP addresses from Wi-Fi areas if you can. If not, avoid popular proxy providers.

If you do use a proxy, use a private proxy and make sure you use the same proxy every time you log into your account. At the very least, use a proxy when you’re creating the accounts but ideally, you should link it to the account forever.

Account Creation

Now that we have our alternate IP address, clear your cookies and it is time to create your account. When you create your second and third accounts, don’t use any common words. Use a different name, different image, different channel style etc… This will prevent anyone from being able to easily find all of your channels but more importantly, if one channel is taken down, the others will remain safe.

Phone Verification

Go to and get a free number which you can use when you to to verify your account. Verifying your account by phone will play a huge role in keeping your account safe. If you can, try to match the area code with the location of your proxy. When you sign up for, you can enter random information. Providing accurate information is not necessary to use their service.

Put the number in YouTube to verify your account through the pinger phone number.

Account Setup

Now that your account is set up, you will want to add some personality to it. Login and start changing things around. As far away as you get from the default settings the better. Add an original avatar, a cool looking background, change your channel template and profile settings. The goal here is to show you to that it is not a mass created account but rather a natural and legitimate account.

Now we have our account set up. In part 3, we are going to talk about how to show YouTube that your account is active and valuable.

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  1. Hi
    When creating accounts, is it safe to use different ip’s from dynamic home Internet connection by getting new ip when switching router on an off?. Hotspots is a great idea by the way
    Cheers Rob

     — Reply
    • Yes, if you are generating a fresh IP each time it is safe, but there are also other identifiers you need to be aware of. Try looking up CC Cleaner which is a free tool that allows you to easily remove cookies, cache, and flash cookies.

       — Reply