How to Safely Mass Upload to YouTube pt 1

If you make a website that is full of spam, Google doesn’t have the ability to take it down. They may deindex it, however, they cannot take it off of the Internet. This is much different than putting videos on YouTube. YouTube has the ability to take down videos as they see fit. The reason they can do this is because when you upload a video on their site, you are hosting it on their servers. Therefore, they have the ability to take any down as they want.

This is a big difference between sites and videos on Internet. Another major difference is that YouTube provides an easy way to report videos. This is another thing that Google cannot do with websites. If enough users flag a him video or channel, the whole channel can be taken down with no notice.

A third reason you can lose a video on YouTube is through copyright claims. If your video is infringing on copyright laws, you can be reported and YouTube will take your video down immediately. Google not only is powerless against copyright claims, but it does very little to penalize it as well.

Plan to avoid this. As the dangers of putting a lot of time into creating videos only to have them taken down in an instant are real and something to take note of. If you’re involved with YouTube marketing, you have to be aware of these potential problems and plan ahead of time so that you do not lose all of your work for a simple mistake or an angry competitor.

In this series of articles, we will explain how to safely upload videos on a large scale to YouTube. We will take extra steps witch will slow your progress down, however, it will keep the majority of your work safe. In the long run, this will save you work since you will not have to spend time re-uploading videos and creating channels all over again.

The first thing that you will need to be aware of our footprints. Actually, footprints will be the main focus of this series. If you’re not familiar with footprints, you can take a look at the post we did our footprints the other day.

The second thing we’re going to be doing is creating small categories of videos. This is to protect us in case the child does get taken down. There’s no way to ensure that your channel will be completely safe, so we are going to take steps to prevent all of your videos from being taken down.

Now that you have a general sense of what we’re going to do, this time the your through the steps and show you how to safely upload a large amount of videos onto YouTube. We will discuss this in part two of our How to Safely Mass Upload to YouTube series.

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