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Anyone who’s tried ranking a site to sell products or earn advertising revenue knows the journey isn’t always an easy one. It’s a bumpy road with a lot of twists and turns which is why less than 1% of people who attempt to build an online business succeed to any reasonable extent.. One of the biggest challenges is dealing with Google’s various updates, manual reviews and algorithm changes. You could be spending hundreds of dollars to outsourcing backlinking and pyramid link projects but then one day the search engines could decide to make them absolutely worthless. In the blink an eye all your hard work and investments could go down the drain! If you’re like me you’re probably sick and tired of reading doom and gloom newsletters or endless webinars disguised as sales pitches. I am going to cut the BS and get straight to some sustainable and working methods that won’t Without further ado, I’d like to share some valuable tips that work exceptionally well for surviving search engine updates or allow you to make a solid income from home.


The first untapped method to get loads of high quality traffic is to properly monetize Stumbleupon. If you were like me a year ago, you probably purchase Stumbleupon as a social media or bookmarking service from Fiverr. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this incredible tool! Stumbleupon is a unique social media site that randomly redirects its members to various websites. Of course, this is usually determined by the interests and information that they submit when they build their personal Stumblupon profile.


One of the best ways to get a tidal wave of viral traffic is to write engaging content. If you are a naturally good writer you have no excuses and need to put your nose to the grindstone. Simply put, overseas writers do not have the education and are not being compensated enough to write content that’s engaging enough to casual browsers. The only exception in this case is factual information. If you or you friends can create an original “funny video” you should have no problem getting a lot of free, unique traffic. Indeed, “content is king” especially when it comes to the comedy niche. However, the reality is that most of us internet marketers are not particularly witty people. Our best bet is to find existing high quality humorous content and re-write or re-enact it! No, this doesn’t mean your personal “Harlem shake” or “Gundam Style” video will go viral! Your best bet is to find a video that’s with a decent amount of views. One of my favorite personal methods is to find a local up and coming comic who has material that’s actually funny. If you would rather search for comics on Youtube video’s with 50,000-200,000 views are your best bet.


It’s imperative to not re-post the same link repeatedly. Doing so can result in a ban. Moreover, while you may generate hundreds of leads with a lackluster website there is no guarantee you will get a cent! Many viewers may like your site are programmed to quickly click to the next one. Since Stumbleupon traffic is lower retention you need to seriously consider using an optin solution.

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  1. How do you deal with stumbleupon traffic that is contains comic visitors who won’t pay a dime?

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    • What do you mean “comic visitors”?

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