How to Make Money with Hubpages – Method pt.2

In the first part, we explained what Hubpages is, what their apprenticeship program is, how to get into the program and how to earn money for your articles. In this part, we will talk about finishing the apprenticeship and how to set up residual income with Amazon and Google Adsense.

Once the apprenticeship program is over, you will still be able to write articles for them. Since you will have 150+ articles written, you will be seen as a respected author and your articles will receive more views.This sin’t the main point of this method but will be a valuable tool if you want to continue writing or just use it for some high quality back linking.

When you have this many articles approved, your Hubpages author score should be high. Once you are above 70/100, you will be able to post do follow back links. You can use Hubpages for high quality tier 1 back links for your sites or sell them to others. For example, since we now have the ability to write, we can sell an article+do follow back link on hub pages for $20 a pop.

To further pile on, another advantage that this method has is that the articles from the apprentice program are given increased visibility. Hubpages does this to encourage their new writers to continue on. Take advantage of this and throw on some Adsense and/or Amazon products. When you do this, you have to be careful, though. Nobody likes a spammer. Your content still has to provide some value and you will have to work in your products naturally. A good idea it to stick to one common theme. That way, it looks like you are an expert on one particular thing as oppose to a person that is just trying to sell anything that they can.

Pick a theme and narrow your articles in on products in that particular theme. Do you like fishing? You can write about everything that involves fishing. If you have 150 articles about fishing, it won’t look all that bad to have 100 fishing products to sell mixed in there.

The same goes for Adsense for the most part. The reason to stick to a theme is you are going with the Adsense route is so that you can stay away from low paying ads. Pick a niche that has a high search rate, high cost per click or a good combination of both. Car parts, for example would be a good niche to focus on with this method. Stick to the $3 per click ads and stay away from the $.2 per click ads.

That wraps up our make money on Hubpages method. This method will not make you rich, but it is great start up money for those looking for some help. It also forces you to get good at a very valuable skill in internet marketing which is article writing. Not only will you have the money and new skill, but you will also have a valuable source of back links to use for yourself or sell to others and a source or residual income for a long time.

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