How to Make Easy Money Promoting Discounted Video Games

This is a solid money making method that a lot of people in the 16-35 age range would be ideally suited for because 1. it is as easy as pie  and 2.  it is about promoting video games.  Imagine a new game is released, let’s say the latest Call of Duty, and it is selling for $60 everywhere – whether you go to Amazon or Ebay or Best Buy or Gamestop it is selling for $60.  If you try promoting that you may get some sales because it is a hot new game, but still, if it is selling for $60 everywhere you and your affiliate link have no competitive advantage to driving a sale.  Now, what if there was a place selling it for $35.  Do you think by simply sharing a link in a few places you could generate some sales.  If you are sharing that link in the right places the answer is hell yes.  This is not my method, it has been floating around somewhat recently, but once I first learned about it and did some testing I knew it had legs.

If you want to see the games for sale check out here: and if you want to see and read about their affiliate program you can check out here:  You can price compare against Amazon and see what items have the biggest discounts because you’ll want to factor in popularity and price discount to find the ideal games to promote (or you can promote the site in general and let people find the best savings themselves, though I think promoting a specific game works best because it doesn’t require people to search the site for the best deals).

Where would you promote games with a hefty discount?  There’s quite a few places; Twitter, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, video game forums, video game blogs, Slickdeals, FatWallet (basically any deal site), etc…  Any place where you will get a lot of exposure to the target market.  And the good news is that cheap video games is a very broad market, younger people, older people, guys, girls, any country, etc…

Now this is the traditional way to make money through affiliate marketing.  There’s also a secondary way to make money with this.  They allow three levels of marketers beneath you.  What I mean by this is if you refer someone to their affiliate program and that person generates sales you will get a cut of the commission.  That person still earns their full commission but you will also earn a percentage of each sale yourself.  How can you use this to generate some big bucks.  Well, if you know someone (or even if you don’t know someone but approach someone) who has a popular Youtube channel on video games, or Twitch channel on video games, or owns a video game blog or forum and tell them about this affiliate program and direct them to it through your affiliate link.  If they sign up they will show up under your account and you’ll get that an ongoing affiliate commission based off of what they earn.  If you get 10 popular people to join and promote through your account you can literally sit back and collect a four or five figure paycheck a month (depending on how popular the are).

Now let’s say you get a popular Twitch streamer to sign up and promote these cheap video games (and he signed up through your referral link).  Let’s say he/she one days tell all their followers that they can make money by promoting these games and he/she tells people to sign up through the affiliate link.  Guess what, all those people who sign up are going to also be under your account.  So by getting the right person to sign up, you can literally have tens or hundreds or thousands of people under you – all of which will be promoting and earning money in your pocket.

Once you join the affiliate program there is a little picture that clearly illustrates this 3 level down approach (using Vikings for some reason) and I figured I’d borrow it and share it here.

And that’s it in a nutshell.  The thing that I absolutely love about this is that it is easy to point people to games that are selling cheaper than anywhere else.  If people are familiar with a game and how much it costs on average, when you tell them it is selling for 25% or 50% cheaper somewhere else that is going to result in a high click through rate on your link, and it will also translate to a pretty good conversion rate as the product will literally sell itself.  If you have any questions on this drop a comment below, though this method is pretty straightforward and their affiliate program backend is also pretty straightforward to understand and use.

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  1. Going to do this and promote on Youtube which is perfect to drop comments on popular gamers channels for this. Video games selling half off regular price will sell itself easy. Thanks bro!

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