How to “Make Bank” Exploiting Clickbank

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Today I’m going to cut right to the chase! One of the most effective strategies to earn money with Clickbank is to take advantage of products that haven’t yet been released. To find these products you simply need to visit or subscribe to major product launch sites. Two of my personal favorites are AffilateX JV and Clickbank and WSO Launch Calender. Simply Google these italicized terms and the sites will show up at the top of the search results.

If you have limited time or are very serious about pursuing a Clickbank affiliate campaign full time it’s imperative to select quality products. By promoting ebooks that provide customers will value you will benefit from building a quality list and generating passive, repeat sales. After all, passive income is what lead many of us to gravitate towards the IM industry in the first place!

Just because a so-called guru is announcing a “highly anticipated” product doesn’t mean the product will be worth a penny! For all we know the individual who wrote the ebook could be resting on his laurels and releasing completely re-hashed garbage. It’s not unusual for many former writers to live off of their passive income or re-invest their ebook sales earnings into completely unrelated ventures. Therefore, it is no surprise that many “gurus” opt to entirely outsource their next ebook creation. Oftentimes, this task is assigned to a foreign or college student who’s unfamiliar with the internet marketing niche. The only way to ensure that you’re promoting a quality product is to test it yourself. The first step is to register on major IM forums such as Warriorforum. Here you can contact the IM “coaches” and request free review copies.

Once you have found an ebook that you’re satisfied with you can start taking action. In fact, I usually like to complete all of the content creation and SEO work in one day. The content creation is simple. All that’s required to is rehash what others have placed on their squeeze pages. If you are a creative or natural sales type squeeze pages are quite fun. Just remember to stay to the point. In fact, luckily you only need to write 500 words maximum to start generating sales.

As we all know, good SEO is integral to gaining a competitive advantage and driving traffic to your website. In this case we need to drive organic traffic to the squeeze page. This is much easier than it sounds. All high quality SEO campaigns start on-page. The first step is to The second step is to set up your alt tags. Simply insert the name of the your “product” and name your product followed by review. Both tags should appear as “zyx” followed by “zyx review”.

With recent updates in Google’s search engine algorithms the keyword density of 3% has become obsolete. While this wont sandbox your site the truth is it will have no beneficial effects on your site’s ranking. In fact, fiddling with keyword density is ultimately a waste of time and will detract from the actual quality of your content.

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