How to Make a Viral Infographic

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Earlier, we discussed where to find infographics and why you should use them. In this article, we are going to talk about ways in which you can create infographics that are prepped to spread through social media.

Great Title

The title is not as important on and infographics as it would be with an article. The main idea of an infographic is to attract the viewer’s attention with pictures and not words. That said, the title is still an important factor. The viewer is going to look for the title of the infographic to find out what it is about. If your title does not match up with the information in the infographics, your viewer will be left disappointed and will be much less likely to share the image. A great title will improve the chances that your infographic goes viral and traffic is pushed to your site. To create a great title, think of something interesting that will catch the attention of the reader.

Data Sources

When you create an infographic, you will want to use a large selection of data sources. This does not mean create a very large infographic. Sometimes an infographic with a few points will do much better than an infographic with 20 or more points. When I say use a large amount of sources, I mean try to find the very best and most interesting data points which relate to your topic. Usually, this will mean that one or two sources will not be enough. Do your research and sure that you’re going to be able to put the most interesting facts into your infographics as possible.

Less is More

As we said above, a large infographics is not necessarily better. The idea behind infographics is that it short and sweet. A getting and excessively large infographics kind of defeats that purpose. If you have too many facts, try to eliminate the least interesting ones and use the very best facts.


Find the data first, but don’t overlook the importance of images as well. Prepare images can be used to highlight the significance of data as well as help explain it more easily. Graphs and different kinds of charts work great for this. Make sure that your images are relevant to the data points and best represent what you’re trying to get across.

Promote Socially

If you’re going to use infographics to draw traffic to your site, make sure you have social accounts which you can post them to. Make fan pages on Facebook, twitter handles and any other social media platform that you are familiar with. You will be able to gain targeted followers with the help of your infographics. You can then funnel these viewers onto your money site.

Be Colorful

Try to avoid infographics with white backgrounds. That looks too similar to your everyday boring article. Use colors to attract attention to your infographics and make it look attractive to share.

Use Big Numbers

Try not to manipulate the data when you are creating infographics but it is okay to cater towards more extreme data points over less interesting ones. There many ways to present the same argument. For example, you can say that 1.6% of Americans will get in a car accident this year or you can say 5 million Americans will get a car accident this year. The numbers are correct, however, 5 million is much more impactful than 1.6%.

That is how you create an attractive infographic that turned into a viral monster. If the graphics are great in spreading your content through social platforms and attracting targeted viewers outside of Google.

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