How to Make $3,889.65 in Less Than a Month with 10 Minutes of Work

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There’s tons of ways to make money online.  If you are building out a website, or creating a product, or doing SEO work you need to be in the trenches with a shovel and it takes time.  Time is limited so if you are able to find ways to increase your income without having to redistribute your time then it is a no brainer.  One of my favorite ways of making money online is domain names because this can be a great way to make passive income.  I’m going to give you an example that shows the time spent to profit earned.  Sadly its not myself in this example (though I was a bidder on the domain) but the guy or gal who won it is laughing to the bank with some fast and easy cash.


Capture(click on image to enlarge)

The above is a snippet from a Snapnames auction that ended September 6th.  The buyer purchased for $487.  Bidding on the domain in the auction probably took 2 minutes of his time.

Sedo’s Great Domains monthly auction ended yesterday.  It is a week long auction.  The buyer of spent another 2 minutes to submit his name for the auction.  The auction ran and the domain sold for $5,149.  Sedo gets a 15% commission.  The seller would spend about 4 minutes logging into their domain account, unlocking the domain, and getting the authorization code (or pushing the domain).  And finally the seller would spend the final two minutes logging into their bank account to make sure the payment to them went through.  In the end, 10 minutes of work for $3,889.65 of profit.  Not too shabby.

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