How to Get Rich Quick, Sell Your Own Product

A lot of online marketing takes work, long hours, strategy, and good implimentation.  A lot of people are too lazy to do this and wait months to see the financial results.  One question I am asked frequently is how someone can get rich quick online.  My answer would be to create your own software product and sell it online.  There have been at least 10 different guys that I’ve seen firsthand create a software product that either 1. filled a need or 2. took an existing product that had a following but the product was becoming outdated and create a new version of a similar product.  And these 10 guys went from $0 in sales to over $100,000 in sales in less than a month.  Once a new product hits the market and gets good reviews it can catch on like wildfire.

I can look back on Craigslist posting software and think of at least 7 different softwares that people created that each made a killing.  Craigslist kept adapting and implementing new features to try to weed out automated posting and as a posting software fell behind because of the Craigslist changes someone would create a new software and release it and everyone would upgrade to the new software.  Now of course you need to be a skilled programmer or have funds to hire one, but depending on what type of software you are developing it does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

If you want to look at some recent softwares that have killed it check out SENuke, Market Samuri, Scrapebox, CladGenius, among many others.  Once you have a software product to sell you need to distribute it as widely as possible.  A good idea would be to join a site like Clickbank where others can promote your product for a commission.  This way instead of just you promoting the product you can have hundreds or thousands of others promoting it through their sites which are already established and have viewers.

If creating a software product is something that sounds interesting but you have no idea what to try to create one approach you can take is to go to a forum that is filled with online marketers.  Read through some threads and see what problems/complaints they have that a software can solve, or simply post a thread asking them what type of software they wish was out that they would buy.


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