How to Flip Domain Names – Free Ebook from for You

Over the past month I wrote a few articles on domain name flipping and decided I’d combine them all into a short ebook so anyone who wanted to get into domain name flipping would be able to easily download it and print it out.  The ebook is free, you can share/distribute it in its entirety, but as noted in the first page you cannot copy the content or sell it.  Domain name flipping is a very profitable business but to be successful you need to know what you are doing.  Half the battle is learning the stuff I share in the ebook, and the other half is this “feel” that you will get with experience where you can see a domain name and know if it is a winner or not, how much you think it can sell for, if it will be easy to flip, etc…  Nobody can teach you this “feel” half of the job, but you can get my version of the cliff notes for the first half which can be learned.

Why flipping domain names might appeal to you?  Domain name flipping is a combination of the lotto and poker… meaning there is the potential for low risk high reward and you can get lucky and hit it big but if you gain skill you can do it long term.

Download the ebook for free here.

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  1. Thanks for e-book. Good info.

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  2. Very good of you to share this. Good luck with all your endeavours.


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