How to Find Youtube Videos that You Can “Steal” and Use for Yourself… Perfectly Legal!

Did you know that you can literally take videos off of Youtube and use them as your own within your Youtube account and it is perfectly legal with Youtube?  While thousands upon thousands of people every day are struggling to make unique videos or try to steal other’s videos and hope they don’t get caught you can laugh at them as you will be using videos already on Youtube for yourself, in your own account, and Youtube is 100% OK with it.  This is great because you can eliminate the cost of producing unique videos.  You can eliminate the worry of getting caught using someone else’s video and getting in copyright trouble or getting your Youtube account banned.  And you can focus on making tons of cash as you can post limitless amounts of videos.

Ok, enough of the talking, you want the meat and potatoes…  Youtube allows video owners to choose an option that makes their video copyright free and anyone can take it and use it as they wish.  It is called creative commons.  You can read about it on Youtube here:  Let me give you the skinny…

If you are in the niche of cars you can search Youtube for the keyword:  fast cars, creativecommons

Yes, you put the keyword, than a comma, and then creativecommons all into the search bar.

When the results come up click one of them.  You’ll notice that underneath the video there is a box that says “Remix this video”.  Bingo.  You can now take that video, edit it as you wish (i.e.  add an ending that has your affiliate URL or cloaked affiliate URL or whatever you want to add).  And post the video to your account.  You’ll have more knowledge about using the right keywords and tags than the average Youtube viewer so you should be able to rank the video higher than the original owner could.

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.  There you have it.  You can now take other people’s content, edit it to include your link, post it on your own account, and its all Youtube legal and compliant.

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  1. Hello
    Please answer can I post these videos in dailymotion too instead of youtube?

     — Reply
  2. Hi there, thanks for the tip! Is it safe (and legal) to then put adsense on those videos and earn money out of them?

    Thanks again!

     — Reply
  3. is it ok to use images found online to create a youtube video?

     — Reply
  4. I’ve tried the “creativecommons” search, selected a video from it’s selection, but there’s no remix this video box appearing.

     — Reply
  5. hello there ,, got questions:
    – What if I used/edited the video from creativecommons’s video and these videos are own by someone which is under standard youtube License.
    Will my Channel get a strike? sorry my english is weak. Thanks so much.

     — Reply