How to Create Nested Spintax

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In the previous article, we learned the basics of creating a hand spun article.  In this article, we will dig a little deeper and learn how to create nested spintax and a super spun article that will output thousands of unique versions of the same article.

Make no mistake, this is not a quick or easy thing to do. To properly spin an article, you will need to spend 1-2 hours on it. You can use tools to speed up the process but the more automation you use, the lower the quality will be.

What is Nested Spintax?

Nested spintax is spintax within spintax. In other words, spun phrases and words within the multiple versions of sentences phrases…I know, it is a tad confusing so let me give you an example.

In the last article, we created the spun sentince:

{In order to|To} {create|make} a spun {article| piece of content}, {you will need to|one must} {rewrite|reword} the {article|content} in this {way|format}.

In order to create nested spintax, we will create multiple variations of a few words within the spintax.

{In order to|To} {create|make} a spun {article| piece of content}, {you will need to|one must} {rewrite|reword} the {article|content} in this {way|format}.

We are just going to look at this part: {you will need to|one must}

In this context, we can substitute “you” with “one”, “they”, he or she.

We can substitute “will” with “may”

We can substitute “one” with “you”,

And we can substitute “must” with “will need to”

Nested: {{you|one|they|he|she} {will|may} need to|{one|you} {must|will need to}}

*Note: Make sure you close your brackets

Put that back into our original sentience:

{In order to|To} {create|make} a spun {article| piece of content}, {{you|one|they|he|she} {will|may} need to|{one|you} {must|will need to}} {rewrite|reword} the {article|content} in this {way|format}.

Let’s look at some outputs with this nested spin we created with our free spinner.

In order to create a spun article, you may need to reword the article in this way.

To make a spun piece of content, he will need to rewrite the article in this format.

To make a spun article, you will need to rewrite the article in this format.

Looks great!

If you remember, we calculated that we had 128 versions of our original spun version. With this simple nested spintax added, we now have 2*2*1*1*2*5*2*1*1*2*2*2*2*1*1*2=2,560 versions of this sentience!

Now do you see the power of creating nested spun content? The variations increase exponentially. If you do this throughout your article, you will end up with trillions of versions of it. As far as Google is concerned, you will have thousands of UNIQUE versions of the original article.

You can use tools to help you get through the entire article, which will take a lot of time; however, you want to avoid auto spinning the article because there will be significant portions of the article that will not make sense. Creating nested spintax manually ensures that you will always have a readable version of your article.

That wraps up the second part of our spun article series. Next time, we will learn how to create multiple sentience versions to skyrocket your possible versions even more.

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