How to Become an “SEO Expert” in a Week

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When one cuts through the hype and thinly veiled fear-mongering sales pitches it quickly becomes apparent that the notion that “SEO is dead” is long-running cliché. Disenfranchised internet marketers rationalize this belief by citing that Google’s recent algorithm updates have caused their site to “dance” to the bottom of the SERPs. However, what they fail to realize is that their content was never truly up to par in the first place. Ultimately, the only way that Google can dominate the search engine marketplace is by providing a superior browser experience. If your site can provide truly useful or engaging information for web browser. Both you, Google, and the third party advertisers will benefit from people who bookmark sites to return and even habitually click links on pages related to the content. The same can’t be said for pages of garbled and spun content. Sites that are made solely for “exploiting the SERPS” will only last so long as browsers become more tired and frustrated. On the other hand, webmasters can reap the passive income rewards from original quality content for years to come!

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