How Becoming a Consolidation King of a Niche Can Make You Tons of Money Online

You don’t need to come up with a brilliant idea in order to make money online.  In fact, why rack your brain trying to invent something new when you can take something that already exists and make it better.  Let me give you a real world example.  Digg is credited as one of the first ‘interest ranking’ sites.  You would post a link to something you found interesting online and then other people would vote it up or down.  Ideally, the end result would be that the homepage of Digg would be filled with things that most people would find interesting.  Great idea.  Digg was very successful.  But there is room in cyberspace for others to be successful too.  Enter Reddit. Reddit came along and basically did the same thing.  Their interface and usage was different but the end result was basically the same.  Where Digg was once might and Reddit just a simple newbie, now Digg has fallen from grace and Reddit is top dog.

Now that I have proven a simple point let me take it a step further.  This is something I’ve done very successfully in the past and something that anyone can do.  There are lots of sites that focus on certain areas within an area.  Let me give a working example of free stock images.  Is this the best example I can think of?  No, because honestly I’m keeping the best idea for myself (you’ve got to do some brainwork on your own).  But this is a good working example of something that has worked for me and brought a lot of money into my pocket.  So free stock images.  Maybe there is a site that has free stock photos of horses.  Another site has free stock photos of people.  Another has free stock photos of cars.  Etc, etc, etc…  That’s great but all those sites are focusing on a sub-niche of the main stock photo niche.  People like simplicity.  If you can consolidate things into one location for them, then they will come and visit your site and forget about the other guy’s sites.  So in this basic example I’m giving you, my advice would be to consolidate all these free  stock images you found and put them all onto one site, your site.  You will get more backlinks, more traffic, and more revenue than these other sites because you are now the king of the niche.

When consolidating information, pictures, or whatever onto your site you need to make sure that you are not breaking any laws, you don’t want someone to come along and bite you in the azz later on.  So for my stock photo example above I’d make sure that the sites you are taking the images from say that the images are free for all to use however they wish.

Another good idea that you might want to consider is think about things that require multiple steps, where sites usually just focus on one of the steps.  If you put together a site that brings all the steps together and now people don’t need to search for step 1, and then search for step 2, etc…  you are going to be building a successful site.  What am I talking about?  Ok, if you need a real example here’s one for you…  There are kids every year getting ready to apply to college and go to college.  A lot of sites will focus on how to apply for colleges, or where to find scholarships, or what freshman year is like, or what to consider when choosing a college.  These are all great sub-niches, but after a person reads about one sub-niche they are going to move on to the next sub-niche and guess what that means, they will be searching for a new site to visit.  By combining everyone on one site and providing the soup to nuts you will be getting visitors from every sub-niche, and when they are done reading one section they will stay on your site and read the next section.  When they want to tell their friends about where they found great info online they can tell them they found it all on this one site (your site).

Now everything I wrote about so far can result in a big fat NOTHING for you.  In fact, for most of you it will result in a big fat nothing.  Why?  Because you chose the wrong niche.  Spend time doing research.  If there’s already 10 other guys providing a soup to nuts site about the niche you were considering becoming a consolidator in than move on.  You need to find an opportunity that is ripe for the taking and then you need to attack it full force.  If you’re competing against a lot of other guys as a consolidator in a niche you are going to fight an uphill battle.  Rather, if you are the first or second guy to consolidate a niche than you will be scoring some premium traffic.   Once you got the traffic you don’t let up.  Offer people ways to share your content online with others.  Ask them to post a link to your article on their favorite forum or blog.  Ask them to email this article to their friends.  Get people to drop a link to your article on their facebook page.  Keep pushing and you’ll find that money in your bank account will follow.

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