How Anyone Can Make Money Using Social Media Sites – 3 Methods

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There are literally hundreds of ways you can make money using social media sites.  HUNDREDS.  But that may overwhelm you and you may not know where to start so let’s start at the beginning.

Question: Who is on social media sites?  Answer: people, lots of people.

Question: Do these people share wayyyyy too much of their personal information on these sites?  Answer: hells yes!

This article is meant to give you some ideas you can start with.  But taking them and creating your own spin, or using these ideas as the inspiration for you to create your own ideas is where you can create a sustainable model.  Ok, so let’s give you some examples of ideas.

Option 1: Reputation Management

If you Google someone and the results that come up are less than flattering you have an opportunity.  Let’s say Tim Crosby of Hartford, Connecticut got arrested for drunken disorderly conduct.  I would venture a guess that Tim does not want that appearing whenever someone Googles his name.  Whether it is a potential employeer, or his family, maybe a girl he is talking to, or whoever – I would guess that Tim would prefer not to have it up there.  So we are talking reputation management.  But, here’s the thing.  The normal process would be you start a reputation management company and wait for people to come find use and use your services.  Because of social media sites chances are we can find Tim on a social media site and message him.  Let him know that his arrest is on the front page of the results for his name.  And then if you do reputation management yourself you can try to sell him your service, or you can find a reputation management company that has an affiliate program and send Tim over to them.

Option 2:  Mugshot Removals

Very similar to the first option, except we’re going to search the mugshot sites.  Specifically the ones that have an affiliate program.  We will then cross reference the mugshots we find with social media and when we find someone’s account we’ll send them to their mugshot through our affiliate link.  Most mugshot sites charge a few hundred bucks if the person wants to remove their mugshot and the affiliate program can pay you anywhere from 10-25%.  Damn that was some easy money.

Option 3:  Selling Based on Profiles

Unless you have a ton of social media accounts you can’t sends out tons of messages to other people because the site will cut you off and potentially ban you.  So here’s what you have to do.  Find something that people are passionate about, something that they aren’t afraid to spend money on, and then find a good offer for it and send them a message with a (affiliate) link to it.  Here’s an example, people love their dogs.  On Facebook you can easily find people who are passionate about their dogs.  This is a great topic.  Now, go and find something for dogs that dog owners would potentially buy and send them your link to that product.  If they buy you get your affiliate commission, and even if they don’t buy the dog product, you’ll get your affiliate cookie on their computer for however many days it lasts which can always translate into sales down the road.

There you have it, three options to make some money using a little elbow grease, a little smarts, and a little time.  Option 1 has the most potential for big money because reputation repair jobs can be fairly expensive (on average they can run $500 on up to $15,000).  Option 2 is the easiest option on the board.  And option 3 has the chance to go viral if you find a really cool product and people share your link.

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