Google Tells You to do One Thing, but it is OK if they do the Opposite?

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Remember a month or two ago when Google came out and said that if you have too many ads above the fold it would hurt your site in the rankings.  Without directly saying it, Google was telling you to remove some of those ads and put more content above the fold.  They are dictating to you how to display your site to people.  Why exactly do they have that right?  Because they run a search engine they can tell everyone how to build their websites?  Monopolistic, anti-competitive, and utter BS is what I call it.

But I guess it is fair if that is what Google is doing to do on their own site, right?  Well, take a look at this picture of what happens when I search for “log splitter” on Google.   The entire right side is Google revenue ads, the top section is Google revenue ads.  Where is organic search?  Oh yeah, you get to see 3 search results at the bottom.

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Seems to me that the Google ad space compared to content space is at a 75% to 25% ratio… and all the content is below the ad space.  And why are the ads in a light yellow background that is kinda hard to see.  Why not announce they are ads by putting them in a blue background.  Google’s search results are nothing but a big affiliate listing and everywhere you click will generate revenue for them.

Oh, what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander.  Google will tell you how to run your business but do the complete opposite in their own.  Enough is enough, from unfair Adsense terminations that you can read about every day online, to monopolizing their search results page with their revenue generating ad space Google has become a dictator.  And of course no one will do anything because Google has the dollars to spend on lobbying.  I for one would love to see a search engine competitor come into the mix that has a plan and sticks to it, they don’t squeeze you and everyone else as they grow until you are out of business while lining their own pockets.  Google should be ashamed of themselves, and the ‘do no evil’ motto was dead about 10 years ago though they still parade with the facade that it is alive and well.  I for one will not shed a tear when one day they get buried under their own hubris.


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  1. Nicely written. Google uses people as products, mining data researching, sending you ads. They’re good at it.

    Now they do provide great services, but their career is mining information so people need to be careful what they give google (email, chat, google drive, chrome, calendar, docs, etc) Even if you’re not signed in, it’s easy to match searches and activity with your IP. SO use VPN and tor, together is even better (might be an overkill for some)

    Use adblock to give ads an F U.

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  2. It’s why I use duckduckgo

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