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  1. Google just banned my account 🙁 The reason why i got banned is because in one of my article, there are links from hosting company but it wasn’t my fault 🙁 The links are given by the company (online game) in press release. They upload the client game to hosting company to avoid huge traffic from their user, so their user have more option to download the game (mirror link).

    I explained this to google and also removed all the links. But from your posting, seems like i have no hope about that 🙁

    I also read a blogger testimonial about her account got banned. She got email from google about invalid click which she didn’t. Someone who jealous to her site might be do it. But how come google have no option or security or something else to track.

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    • Xello – if Google decides to ban your Adsense account they either will completely ban it, or they will give you the option to appeal the ban. I would guess that the majority of appeals are denied. If someone is jealous and clickbombed you then you are screwed. Google does not care to help the little guy. If you were pullling in $XX,XXX per day in Adsense then they would look further into it. I would recommend trying to find a CPA offer to use instead of Google. When I was running Adsense on a site once I noticed that the same ad kept constantly appearing. When my Adsense account got banned (for invalid clicks which is bullshit) I contacted the company that was running the Adsense ads and worked out a deal directly with them on a CPA basis, and I actually make 50% more than I was earning with Adsense on that site.

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  2. Wow, nice article. Yeah, keep happening to me, this is my 3rd time getting banned from Adsense. I, 1st, mixing my Adwords campaign, targetting to my frontpage which had Adsense on it, and then it got banned. 2nd time and 3rd time, I didn’t do anything, Adsense banned me, for no obvious reason.
    I think after one account got banned, the newly created account would be automatically be banned, because of the blacklist data checking whatever they did.
    Do you have any reference any good way to make money from internet beside Adsense?

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    • JP – read through There are different ways/methods/etc… on how to make money online. You can use CPA companies, revenue share offers, sell ad space, etc…

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  3. heyy ,,,u can actually make new account ….with google adsense…i know it because i made it myself after my account got banned for invalid cliks..

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  4. I have been one of the victim of the same. Some Exfriend of mine has clicked fraud on my blog to ban the account.

    What should be done now?

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  5. ‘so people clicked the ads because the ads promised a solution’

    ‘publishers participating in the AdSense program may not … format site content so that it is difficult to distinguish it from ads’
    –AdSense program policies

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    • Yingtong – I am not saying to trick people into thinking the ad is not an ad. People will know it is an ad. What I am saying is that you could intentionally make an article about a topic but leave out the solution to that topic, and the ads that get displayed are offering a solution so people will click on the ads. An example… “how to get rid of moles”. Make an article all about what moles are, why you should get rid of them, etc… but don’t answer how precisely to get rid of them. The ads that get displayed (if you use the right keywords within your article) will offer mole removal solutions and your clickthrough rate will be increased because of it.

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  6. yeap. Just got adsense banned.

    Everytime I heard of someone being banned, i figured they had breached the rules. And now its my turn, I am just in shock, as this was something beyond my control and nothing to do with anything that I had done.

    What sucks is that unlike others who are scammers and get $10k checks, I have been with adsense for 2 years and never once received money. There is nothing suspicious about my sites, or advertising methods, and now that I am only a few months away (revenue wise) from reaching the minimum threashold to receive payout, I am banned with no reason.

    Just goes to show, that if you work hard, pay $$$$ for unique content, and are legit (and not a scammer / spammer) that you will not be rewarded for your efforts.

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    • I totally agree with you . i had the same situation too.

      But Lets all agree that we cant do anything about this . I had my account banned few days ago for no reason whatsoever . I run few blogs and i have 5 writers uploading unique content to the sites daily . And still , Google want happy about it . No one knows what they want . I wish if Yahoo can get bigger than Google and take over the online search , and kick Google on the side .

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  7. Google banned my account for apparent “invalid click activity”

    Now all i know is that i would never do something as stupid as click my own ads or do anything dumb enough to get my account banned “and anyone who thinks they would get away with it is just plain delusional”

    I appealed the decision and got knocked back, but frankly i couldn’t give two hoots as adsense pay rubbish money anyway and i think they are just a corrupt bunch of bully boys on the block with one massive superiority complex thats going to come back and bite them on there dishonest little behinds one day …and when that day happens i will be up front and center with my pitch fork and straw torch with the rest of the lynch mob

    I did abit of research after my adsense account was banned and it seems Google have truly become too big for their boots, they feel they have no need for any real explanation, everyone is guilty whether they truly are or not ..There is purely no accountability or transparency forced on these guys what so ever

    The BBB and other internet watch dogs crap there pants at the mere mention of Google so these authorities are useless too us

    Google can just do as they please by the looks of it, and personally when the day comes that Google falls, and history as well as karma dictates that that day will come one of these days ..I for one will be laughing the loudest and heckling the hardest when that day finally does come ..even if it takes the rest of my life to wait for that day it will be worth it.

    Now I am not going to try and convince you that I did nothing wrong as it would be pointless as I don’t even know what I did wrong myself. If you knew me you would know that I am the kind of person who follows rules with a blind commitment as I have the good sense knowing that their are people out there much clever than I am that know if you are actually doing wrong or not ..But it seems even if you don’t purposely do wrong it makes no difference, you still get banned.. Ainsi soit-il, that’s life

    anyway i am over it and there are some very good alternatives out there that are hot on the heels of those “Froogle azzsenses”

    good riddance to bad rubbish

    My site is finally free!

    #justified rant over# 🙂

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  8. “Someone is fraudulently clicking the ads on your site. If this is you than shame on you, you deserve to lose your Adsense account. But if it is not you but a jealous competitor, ex-girlfriend, or that kid you picked on in the 3rd grade than this really sucks for you. You are losing out on money that you earned and did not wrong. Seems like this should not be legal”

    It ISNT legal for the person doing this to the AdSense account owner and Google should know better than to ban the account. Instead, they should go after the happy clicker and prosecute them for fraud. Yes, even if they didnt sign an agreement with Google. Fraud is crime is fraud is crime. I dont need to say any more than that.

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  9. Ok so this can be a problem. How do you minimise it so that if it happens it doesn’t kill your whole business?

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    • A few ways, 1. Have a second Adsense account set up and on hand. 2. Have a backup way to monetize the site 3. Have other monetization methods mixed into the site already. Some good alternatives that could be considered: Amazon Associates program, Ebay Partner Network, CPA firms like Commission Junction, ad platform, etc…

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