GoDaddy’s Affiliate Program Can Pay Your Bills

The Godaddy affiliate program is a great affiliate program if you are looking for a high commission per sale, specifically on their hosting packages.  You will make $90 on up when you have someone buy their hosting through one of your affiliate links.  What is nice about this is that you don’t need tons of traffic, you just need targeted traffic.  Now there are multiple ways you can get targeted traffic but here is one way I saw a few guys doing it…  they would post on forums, Craigslist, Ebay, wherever and they would offer to build you a free site if you bought hosting through their affiliate link.  Whether or not this is against the GoDaddy terms of service I don’t know, I’d recommend you check it out yourself to confirm, but this is clearly a win/win for everyone.  The end user gets a free site (which is really just a WordPress blog set up with a nice theme and some plugins that takes about 10 minutes to do), the affiliate gets his sale, and GoDaddy gets a new customer.

If you can drive 1 sale per day to the GoDaddy hosting you will earn $90 x 365 days = Approx. $33,000 per year.  Now that is a full time income for a lot of people.  And you only need 1 sale per day.  It’s not like Google Adsense where you’d need 90 or 900 clicks to earn $90 per day.  A lot of people get caught up trying to do too many things and they get spread too thin (don’t worry, I do this myself sometimes) but if you need to make money, if $33k/year is a good figure for you, then you can focus on driving sales for GoDaddy hosting and make that.  If you put in 40 hours per week that is no reason why you couldn’t drive 20 sales per week instead of 7.  There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of new websites that pop up on the internet every day.  Each one of them needs hosting.  So the market is there.  It’s just a matter of finding a clever way to approach that market and reel them in.  And in case you were wondering, 20 sales per week is over $100k per year.

So if you are sitting there, frustrated, not knowing what to do or how to make money online then you can read this post and give this a shot.  Promote it where other people aren’t promoting it.  Put flyers around in your local town.  Though make sure you send them to your site which will have a link to the GoDaddy hosting page through your affiliate account.  Don’t create flyers with your affiliate link on them, it looks ugly and nobody is typing that ugly thing into the browser.  Now get out there and start making some money!

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  1. Yep I think I’m going to start using Godaddy’s affiliate program. The payouts are just so substantial it’s hard not to ignore. I spent a month building sites with iTunes affiliate links….I would sell a lot of apps and songs, but 20 sales would add up to $1.70 in commission. It just isn’t worth it!!

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  2. Today Godaddy updated their affilate program. Of course affilaters will lose a lot of money like me for example. I see big diference before and after. So time to change and say goodbay godaddy !

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