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Lately, we have been talking about each of the four major ways in which you can get content written for your site. In this article, we will focus on getting content from freelancing sites. Freelancing sites include sites like oDesk and Freelancer. There are many of them and new ones popping up every day.

Freelancing sites are good if you need either flexibility from your writer, have strict guidelines or do not want to operate within the guidelines that a service or content mill site will require you to do. Working with a freelancer means that your articles will be from the same voice, which can be helpful if you are using them all for the same site. The down side is unreliability. You can’t always count on an individual to follow through with an entire project.

Freelancing sites usually have a review system in place which you can use to determine whether or not the writer will be good for you before you hire him. Like the other options; services, content mill sites and freelancers, freelancing sites require you to pay up front and getting a refund is difficult. On the flip side, you can find or create experts on particular topics in this way. What do I mean by “create”? When I say create, I mean that very loosely. What I mean is that if you have a lot of articles to be written on a particular niche, giving all of that research to a single writer will allow them to become very versed in that topic.

This is a good way to come up with high quality content for your site. Content mills and services use a lot of different writers and therefore, do not offer any type of consistency. Another negative of these sites is that you will have to edit or at the very least check every paper that you order. Since you are using a lot of different writers, the quality will vary greatly. Some of the articles will be perfect and others will require major editing. Regardless, you are going to have to check each article yourself to be sure.

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