Fiverr + Youtube + My Site = Traffic & Money… Here’s How it Works

Here’s a little story about how Fiverr + Youtube + One of my sites = A Bump in Traffic which in turn results in a bump in money from my site.  I don’t mind testing things out if I think there is potential to get a nice fat reward and it feels great when you test something out and you actually get that reward.  I strike out more times than I hit a homerun, but I keep going up to the plate and that is why I find success.  Here’s what I did which I think can help a lot of you out there.

I have one of my niche sites that converts really well.  It is a seasonal site so it generates income for more for a part of the year and the other part of the year it is dead.  During the downtime I spend some time trying to think of new ways to drive traffic to the site when it comes back in season.  I’ve done lots of testing and one thing I did somewhat recently has turned out very well for me.

First, I analyzed how traffic gets to my site.  I was doing great from the SERPS through my SEO efforts but one area where I was getting nothing was from video sites.  And that is because, ding ding, I never submitted any videos for it.  In this niche I believed a testimonial  would go a long way in convincing someone to visit my site.  I headed over to Fiverr and checked out the video testimonial offers there.  I wanted a variety of videos so I bought 10 of them.  I got two from hot chicks, one from a kid who looks like he’s in a gang, one from an older guy, a geeky guy, etc…  Basically a nice variety.  Why a nice variety and not just hot chicks?  Because I wanted to test out which videos people were more responsive to.  So I dropped $50 bucks at Fiverr.  I’m not going to post links to the gigs I used because I’ll inevitably get people saying I’m trying to promote my gig or my friend’s gig (I don’t have any gigs on Fiverr nor do my friends) so I’ll let you surf Fiverr yourself and find people on your own.

I created my own script and sent it out to each person.  I had them mention my website URL twice in the testimonial (that is very important).  I didn’t want to watermark my videos because I don’t want them to look like a commercial, I want them to look like a real review.  You want to get credibility and not have the viewers think these are nothing more than Fiverr made commercials.

Fast forward…  got the videos and submitted them to Youtube (eventually to other video sites once I got a good response via Youtube).  I mixed up my Titles, Tags, and accounts that they were posted on.

And I sat back and waited.  I spent $50 of my money, maybe 3 hours of my time, and so my risk here was very small.  Some people put all their money into something and they can’t afford to sit back and wait.  They get anxious and nervous and check their stats every 30 minutes because they’re going to lose the shirt off their back if something doesn’t work out.  It is nice when you can set something up and not worry about whether or not it is going to work.  Remember, never put all your eggs in one basket.  NEVER.  Yes, you can hit a grand slam, but the potential for losing it all is right there in your face.  If you are starting out, start out slow, build a bankroll, and when you want to take a risk make sure it is covered by that bankroll which you can afford to play with.  I have a bankroll but I still test out things that cost me under $100.  You don’t always need to spend big to try to win big.

After two weeks I checked the stats.  How many views the videos had gotten on Youtube.  How much of a traffic gain at my site did I see.  What was going on with my conversions.  And a few more analytics I have going on.

My results…  success.  My earnings were about 25% more than I expected during this timeframe.  My 10 videos had about 35,000 views combined.  I could have some more exact testing but for the scope of this project I thought it was not worth setting it up.

What now?  Well, I expect to keep getting traffic from these videos for the next month, year, 5 years… who knows.  But it is all passive income and that is the kind of income that I dream of when I sleep.  Once this worked out I started to have a worker of mine post the videos on other video sites.  And I’m using this method for a few other niches that I think it will work in.  Oh yeah, the hot chicks did do the best in terms of views but I was surprised that the old guy did almost as good too.  I think the hot chicks got views because they are hot, but I think the old guy’s video got a lot of views because he looked credible and people interested in this niche were looking for that credibility.  If I tracked conversions based on each video I’d be willing to bet my left nut that the old guy converted better than the hot chicks.

A few things to take away…  this won’t work for everyone and every niche.  You need to understand your niche and your target market because I guarantee many people who try this method will fail because they don’t accurately understand their niche and target market.  You need to focus on your titles and tags (which I’m sure most of you already know).  But mix them up, don’t always use the popular terms, you can crush it by getting views on a whole bunch of the lesser used terms.  And you need a proven website where you have historically been able to convert people.  It’s great to get the traffic, but if your site currently does not convert than why would Youtube traffic convert any differently?

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