Finding Work with Craigslist and IFTTT

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If this happens; then this will happen. That is the basic concept with IFTTT uses this simple logic function to allow you to coordinate popular websites, emails and social sites together. You can create “recipes” which tell the program to do a specific task when something specific happens. We will talk about this in this article and give you a great way to find work using IFTTT.

First, let’s find out more about IFTT. The best part is that it is free. There is no signup fee or charge. There is not even an option to pay and upgrade. At the very least, you have to give it a try with this price.

The worst part is that there are a limited amount of sites that can be used. This is my only complaint about this service. They are constantly adding more, and by limited, I don’t really mean limited, I just mean “it may not have the site you need”. At the moment, they have 49 different sites and functions including email, Facebook and Blogger.

Now let’s create a recipe using Craigslist and Email. First, sign up for an account. Once you do, click “create” on the top right of the page. Click “this” (this will be your “trigger” function. If “THIS” happens then…). Next, pick your trigger function site. We are going to pick Craigslist. Click the Craigslist icon and the “new post from search”.

Go to

Type in a keyword or phrase. We are going to use “web designer”. Then set “all jobs” as the category and click search. Copy the url, paste it into IFTTT and create the trigger.

Anytime the phrase “web designer” is posted in the all jobs section of your city, you will ______  <—filling in the blank is the next step.

Click “that” and find the email icon.

Click “send me an email” and “create action”.

Now anytime ______ happens, your will receive an email about it.

Create the recipe and your set. What did you just do? You created an if this then that function which will send you an email anytime someone posts the phrase “web designer” in the all jobs section of your city. If yo have the ability to sell web design sites or services, this is a good way to find work. Now it is time to scale up. Now you may be asking how to scale this up. You can do this in 2 ways.

1) Add keywords/phrases. If you have other skills or can think of more variations of your current keyword, create more recipes for them. When you are trying to think up more keyword variations, try to think what someone would post if they were looking to hire someone such as yourself.

2) Add more cities. Repeat the process for different cities. Since you will be working online, you are not tied down to 1 particular city. You can create new recipes for every city and bring in more work than you can handle.

You can use this method to find pretty much any work and as much of it as you can get through Craigslist. Having the posts sent to your email makes it possible to scan through multiple searches and cities with ease.

Scale up


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