Email & Zip Submits: One of the Easiest Ways to Start Out Online

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Whether you are new to earning money online through CPA offers or you’ve been around the block a few times, email & zip submits are one of the most basic ways to earn a paycheck.  Email submits are great for newbies because the action required is very straightforward and can understood even by the most green internet marketer.  And they are great for advanced IMers because if you find a method that works well you have the experience to scale it up quickly to start ringing the register in a big way.

A brief overview of what an email or zip submit is:  it is a one page landing page where the goal is to send people to it who will either submit their email address or their zip code (depending on what that specific offer requires).  The landing page will usually offer the person a free gadget or gift card.  But in order for the visitor to earn that free item they need to complete offers.  These offers are CPA offers that will earn the landing page owner a commission, and if the visitor does not complete the offers according to the stringent rules in the fine print they will not receive their free item.  They pay anywhere from $0.75 to $5.00 per email or zip submit.  Many moons ago before I was familiar with internet marketing I ended up on an email submit landing page for a 50 inch TV.  I went through the entire process of completing offers (which took about 3 hours of my time and about $80).  At that time, this TV would retail for around $1,000 so it was worth it to me.  The final step was to fill out a claim form where you had to enter your name, address, social security number, and a few other pieces of information.  I entered it all out except I put the wrong social security number (on purpose because I had no idea who would be receiving this paperwork and if they were trustworthy or not).  Somehow (and I’m still not sure how) they found out I put an incorrect social security number and sure enough in the fine print this was enough to void me from receiving my free TV.  And now let’s get back to the present…

There are TONS of methods to do well with email and zip submit offers.  There are also a few tools that you could use which will help immensely and pay for themselves after a day or two.  But I’ll save the more advanced discussion for another post.

Let’s talk about an easy method that anyone can do, even if you don’t have a penny to your name.  Article submissions.  Whenever I have someone ask me for a method that they can do and where they don’t need money I tell them this method (and from now on I’ll just give them the URL of this post and save myself some breath).  Find an email or zip submit offer (I prefer zip submit offers because I’ve always found they convert at a higher rate for me) that you think is attractive to people.  As an example, one that I was promoting recently was a zip submit offer for people to save money on car insurance.  The landing page says something along the lines of “Save Up to $500 a Year on Your Car Insurance…  Enter your zip code to see offers in your local area”.  Entering a zip code is not as personal as an email address so people are willing to go through this first step without much hesitation. So here’s what you do:

1.  Write an article.  I’m not going to tell you what or how to write it.  But if we’re using my example of a zip submit offer to lower your car insurance, write an article that will get people’s interest about lowering their car insurance.  Somewhere near the middle of the article put a link to your zip submit affiliate link (make sure you use anchor text, you can also use a URL shortener service if you don’t want people to see that ugly affiliate link if they hover over your hyperlink).  The most important thing about writing the article is that you need to get their interest that will carry over when they visit the zip submit page.

2.  Take your article and submit it to tons of free article directory sites.  There are literally thousands of these online.  There are also automated tools to make this process fast for you but they cost money and I said I’d keep this method cost free.  I’d also consider setting up free blogs or pages to post your article on (such as Squidoo, Blogger, WordPress, etc…).  These sites will rank higher in the search engines than the article directory sites.

3.  Now you can either sit back and wait to see if commissions start coming in, or you can do some more work and create backlinks to your articles.  I’d focus on only 2 or 3 articles that you successfully submitted and start backlinking to them.  I’ve seen many articles from sites like Squidoo rank on the first page of Google.

4.  If you want to put in some more work you can try getting people to spread your article on Facebook or Twitter.  Ask anyone you know to recommend your webpage through their social media accounts.

5.  If the vendor allows it, go onto Craigslist and post an add for people who want to lower their car insurance by $500 a year.  When people email you, write back to them with either the link to one of your articles or the affiliate link to your zip submit page.  If you are a real go getter you should try each of these to different people and track which one converts better.  This way in the future you know how where to send them.

As mentioned, this is a beginners method that anyone can do without cash or without knowledge of internet marketing.  You can take this method and use it to generate your first cash online which you can take and then use to buy yourself a tool to automate your work, or a domain and hosting, or whatever.  But don’t take your money and blow it on a bag of weed and some Mickey D’s.  The way to become a real internet marketer who is successful is always to reinvest your money and don’t blow it on crap.

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  1. I’m very new to internet marketing and have started out doing SEO. I’m running two sites but one was dropped. When I looked for another CPA to move that dropped site to, all I could find was email or zip submit traffic only. That’s how I found this site. The fact you said no cost and for newbies got me. Last year I was in a major accident and couldn’t return to my job. I was self employed so no workers comp or unemployment Ins. Have gone over a year without an income and my savings is gone. The only thing I had going for me was an internet connection. I have very limited computer skills and a real need to make money from. home. Sites like this has been a great help for me. Thank you so much.


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  2. Sounds like a great strategy! But..
    “Take your article and submit it to tons of free article directory sites.” – I may be wrong as I was not trying to do it myself yet but I’ve read that –
    top article directories do not accept duplicate content (hubpages and squidoo especially). Does it mean that you have to have at least several different articles?
    Also, do the second grade article directories generate any traffic to be worth the effort (not including article giants like squidoo, ehow etc)? I know it’s worth submitting to a lot of directories for backlinking but if you don’t have a website and just want to promote your spa links.. is it worth it? Thank you for a great information!

     — Reply
    • Alexa – you have to test out what works for you. For this method you are not trying to generate SEO results, you are trying to generate pure traffic. Some secondary article sites may do this, others may not… but if you can find an automated way to do this it is easy to submit to all (and you can track results by site if you’re feeling ambitious).
      For the upper tier sites you can spin articles if you wish, you can take the same article and submit it at the same time (it will be unique since it is going through review process at same time across all directories)… and I don’t think Squidoo does manual review to post an article… at least when I post it the article goes live without delay.

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  3. i need help,recently i join adworkmedia but i can not understand which link i use cuz there are tow link 1 is short tracking link and second tracking url(big and ugly)which url works????pls some body help me…

     — Reply
    • I would ask your affiliate manager if you are unsure of how their links function.

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