Easy Method, Easy for New IMers

Here we will go over a quick and simple way to make your first earnings online. This is mostly going to be a combination of some of the things that we have discussed in prior articles. This isn’t a get rich method, but it is fairly straight forward and is perfect for IM newcomers that are looking to get their first earnings online. Now let’s get started on this method.

For this method, you will need a few accounts. The first is a Clickbank account. By the way, even if you don’t follow this method, make an account there if you don’t have one already. There is going to be a lot of methods that involve Clickbank and you are going to need to get it eventually. Might as well get it overwith now. Also, it may take some time to get approved for Clickbank, but most should have no problem doing so. Nothing is worse than getting excited about a method only to have to wait 1-2 weeks to gain approval to a site. I am getting off topic, just get into that program as soon as you can.

Anyway, make a free Clickbank account and head on over to Animoto and create a free account there. Tomorrow, I will show you how to create a pro account for free so stay tuned for that.

Next, head on over to Youtube and create an account there. It would be better if you create a fresh account for this as there is a small chance your videos will get flagged (mostly by competitors) which would put your previous videos at risk as well.

Now, go back to Clickbank and pick a product that you think will sell well. So far, this is sounding similar to other methods, isn’t it? You are somewhat right bmt this is where it starts to veer off a bit. Instead of targeting product related keywords to go after, we are going to target broad niche related keywords. The idea is this; we are not targeting “buyer keywords” specifically, which hurts our sales but we are targeting related keywords that will receive many more searches per month, which we hope will compensate for out keyword selection.

For example, we will pick a anti-grey hair product for men. Use our keyword method with Traffic Travis to find some related keywords. Look for a keyword that had 5,000+ searches and a low cost per click. Why a low cost per click? Because the competition will be low for that keyword. We are not using AdSense so the CPC is not as relevant to us as it would be otherwise.

Now make a few Animoto videos. You know the drill. Download a few images from Google, add some text, throw in into Animoto and get a nice video made in a few minutes. Upload the video(s) on to our channel and add the keyword in the title, tag and description. Cloak the affiliate link with Bit.ly or another url shortener and choose a nice thumbnail.

Repeate this process a few times and you should start to see your affiliate sales slowly grow over time.

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