Does Dot Com Secrets X Really Help You Make Money?

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Many people are asking if “Dot Com Secrets X” really helps you make money online or if it is a load of horse manure.  The website looks great, the video looks great, the claims look great, but does it really work?  The answer is I don’t know but they have peaked my interest and you can try it out for 30 days for a buck (yes, for $1) so why not give it  a whirl.  Even though I make good money online I’m always looking to learn new things and branch out into areas I haven’t ventured yet. The reason I’m talking about this site is because it is currently the hottest selling product on Clickbank.  Normally this comes as a result of one of two reasons, either it has an amazing landing page that converts like crazy, or the product itself is high quality that word about it spreads and it sells itself (or a combination of the two aforementioned reasons).  This product is outselling everything else on Clickbank at the moment.  Whoever owns the product is making a killing so he’s doing something right, and if he shares some insight within his product then it is well worth the money to me. (see the landing page here)

I know that a product is done right when I have people asking me about it.  I’ve had a few emails from Anticareer readers asking about this product and I had an offline friend ask me what I thought of the product so I figured I should check out the product and see what its about.  What I really like is the fact you can try it out for $1 for 30 days like I mentioned.  This pricing will entice large amounts of people to give it a shot.  But if your product is crap then they will dump it and you’ll only get a dollar from them… this is why I’m optimistic that there must be something pretty decent inside the wrapping paper once you open it up.

After my 30 day trial expires I’ll do a write up on Dot Com Secrets X and let you know what I thought of the product.  To be fair to the owner of the product I will not tell you what is inside once you pay for the trial, but I will tell you:

1.  If I thought it was worth the time to check it out

2.  If I learned anything that I consider to be valuable

3.  If I think I will be able to profit from what I learned

4.  If this product is for beginners, experienced people, or people in between

I know I’ll have people asking me to reveal what Dot Com Secrets X tells you once you are on the inside, but I won’t do it so save your time and don’t ask.  Giving a fair review is all I can promise, but there will be no spoilers or descriptions of what’s in there.

If you have any experience with the Dot Com Secrets X product feel free to drop a comment below and let us know what you think in relation to the four questions I mentioned above.  It is always interesting to hear other people’s perspectives to get a well rounded view on a product.

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  1. I bought this and kept it for two months. Like you wrote the landing page is awesome and really hooked me into checking it out along with the four quarters you gotta drop to get the trial. The price point is right. The product itself is def worth checking out. I wont say anymore bout it but I def learned some stuff from it and helped me in a new niche.

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