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We’re going to continue on with our seemingly endless video creation strategies. In this article, we are going to learn how to make great testimonial videos that convert. Of course, you can always create the testimonials yourself, but it would be more effective to leave that task to someone that is more experienced. Now you may be wondering where you are supposed to find this person? Fiverr of course!

Search for video reviews or testimonials in Fiverr and you will find hundreds of gigs to choose from. It may seem difficult to find the best one for you so you go over a few things to look for. One large advantage of hiring people to do the videos as opposed to creating them yourself is the amount of diversity you will be able to use. It does not  matter how well you do the videos, if you have 10 videos trying to sell different products, it will raise red flags to the viewers and harm your ability to convert. If you are using different people for each video, you will not have this problem. Now we will help you find the best person for your video below.

First, you will want to figure out if you want a male or female to make the video. If it is a gender-neutral product, leaned towards the females because they will tend to be created more viewers than a male would. You should also consider the age of the person. An older person will seem more trustworthy to the viewer while a younger person will add more excitement. Younger people are better if your testimonial is about weight loss and skin health products. Older people are good for business in a box testimonial.

The most important thing to look out for is how natural the person sounds. You do not want an overenthusiastic review. Let me repeat that, you do not want overly enthusiastic person promoting your product. It’s too hard to pull off and comes off as fake. Viewers can easily sniff this out and will be much more likely to leave without taking action or even worse, dislike, flag, report or comment that the video is fake. Dislikes and negative comments will destroy your chances of making conversions with other viewers as well.

When you’re searching for testimonial videos, watch their other works and see who sounds the most natural. When I am doing this, I will even go as far as to say “I want you to sound boring”. This helps prevent the video actors or actresses from overselling the product and driving away customers.

Once you select your actor or actress, it is time to send you instructions. When you’re doing this, you don’t want to overwhelm them with details. You want them the sound naturals confining them with too many rules will prevent that from happening. Just send them a link to the product, a few sentences about what you are expecting along with the ”be boring” request.

We are going to pause here and pick up tomorrow with part 2 of our Fiverr testimonial gig where we will explain how to create the outline for them and how to set up the video.

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