Create High Converting Testimonial Videos part 2

This is the second part of our Fiverr testimonial articles. In the first article, we explained how to identify and select the best person for your videos and what to send them in the instructions when you order. In this article, we are going to explain how to create a short outline and what to do once you have the video.

When you place your order, you will want to give them a quick outline of the points that you want them to address along with the instructions. Do not give them a script. If you give them a script, they will have to read it from the computer and it will seem very robotic. Their eyes will be off-center and they will lose all their presence. It is much better to miss a point or two and sound natural then to get everything right but sound like a robot. If they’re reading from the screen, your conversions will plummet.

In order to accomplish this, give them a quick outline to paraphrase. This, along with the product site and brief instructions are enough to create a real looking testimonial that will convert like crazy.

Along with instructions, I also like to ask them to mention my website. Normally, I instruct them to talk about a discount and tell them to say the website which takes them to the discount page. This is a natural way to get them to throw in the website without it seeming forced. I asked them to say the website to protect my videos from scrapers. If someone wants this to my video, that is okay because my website still being mentioned in the video and it will still drive traffic to my site.

You can also go one step further and asked them to say that they put the link in the video. They can point the top screen and you can use Windows movie maker to insert your website text in the video. This is just another way to protect yourself against scrapers.

We are almost done, however, there is one more obstacle that we have to overcome. That is if you are reviewing  the physical product. You can’t send the product to the reviewer so we have to get creative. First, if you can mimic the product, that works well. For example, if I have an eye lash curling video, I would ask the girl to keep a bottle of her eye lash cream off screen and apply it on screen as if it is the actual product. If that is not possible, avoid mentioning it and ask them to speak as if they have the product that they are talking about in the video.

When you have the video file, rename it and upload it to your YouTube account or other video sharing site. Put the url at the top and pick a good thumbnail if you can. This is why we want to use a girl on a gender neutral product. That does it.

$5 for a nice testimonial video that converts great. If done right,the investment will pay off ten fold for years to come.

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