Cashing in on Adsense: Post Content Whose Relevant Ads will Turn Readers into Clickers

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Like most things in life you can do things the hard way or the easy way and getting a nice click through rate on your Google Adsense ads can be done the easy way if you are smart about it.  Don’t find a niche that will get a ton of traffic and then hope they will click on the ads.  You’re going to fight a losing battle.  The first question you should ask yourself is when you find a niche “Will this traffic be active clickers”.  And the way to determine that is to see what the niche is and what types of ads people are buying on Adwords.  Here’s what I mean…

Let me give you a niche (for free) that this works great on: car insurance.

Forget that car insurance is impossible to rank for in Google, we’re talking conceptual here so that you understand the point I’m laying out for you and you can apply it to your work.

When someone searches for “car insurance” or “cheap car insurance” or “buy car insurance” or “best car insurance rates” these are active phrases, meaning that the searcher is looking to do something.  This is a person who wants to be taken to a place that the ads on your site are going to take him/her.  If you write up a nice original article about car insurance and how rates have increased and statistics say people pay $XXX on average, etc… and you have Adsense on your site you’re Adsense ads are going to be amazing in terms of getting people to clickthrough.  Because your content is not going to give people what they want, so their choices are to go to Google and search or to click one of those enticing Adsense ads on your site.  How enticing can ads be?  Well I just did a search on Google for “cheap car insurance” and here are the ads that get displayed:

Someone who lands on your page and is interested in finding cheap car insurance is going to seriously consider clicking one of these ads that offer what they are looking for.  So you get them to your site, you give them great content but it doesn’t fully offer them or satisfy them with what they want, but the ads do.  Bingo, now you’re going to be making some money.

On the flip side, if you get tons of traffic about “what does a kidney look like” how do you think those ads on your site are going to convert?  Little to none because that traffic is not active traffic.

Now you don’t need to rely on Google to drive all your traffic.  If you want to do the car insurance niche why do you need Google at all, I mean the competition is ridiculous, it’ll take you six months and tens of thousands of dollars to try to get near the first page, so why not create your own traffic.  Lots of ways, I’m not getting into them all because this article isn’t about traffic generation, but one simple way I will mention is go to Craigslist.  Post an ad saying something like “Car Insurance – As Low As $28.99/month” and then direct them to your site.  Guess what, the traffic you get will be very likely to click that ad on your site about the $28.99 car insurance.  And in this niche you can earn a few bucks per click.  If you get $3 per click on average, and you can get 33 clicks per day, that is $100 per day, or $36,500 per year.  Not too shabby for something that should take you a few hours to set up and then an hour a day to drive the traffic.

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