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This may be a topic of debate but according to many, buying sponsored posts on blogs and relevant sites can be one of the great ways of driving traffic to your website. It also encourages links right back to the content as well.

In essence, sponsored posts are actually a guest post that you have to buy. That is the way they are valued in the eyes of Google. There are many websites that allow these types of links. The majority of which are within travel industry and they allow people to create articles promoting their services/products in return of some payment. Matt Cutts commented on these types of links. Basically, they will work well but if they are discovered, Google will discount them completely. If links in paid posts will affect the search engines, those links will not pass the PageRank (for example, by making use of nofollow attribute).

It can be difficult to find blogs and sites that will allow these links, however, they are out there. You just have to search around for them. My suggestion is to make use of sponsored posts to increasing your online traffic. By doing this, you should search for sites that have a  particularly large social following, captive niche audience, and tons of activity on their website. Then you can created a post that is related to that particular niche and drive traffic to your site. In this way, you will be able to  drive relevant and targeted traffic to your site. few good leads of the traffic from post and could capture few new visitors for my blog- this was exactly what I wished!

Note: If I am ever going to invest in sponsored post, then I have to ensure that all links coming back to my website are ‘no follow’ as it isn’t worth risking to have Google penalty imposed.

Paid Tweets

They are somewhat similar in a manner to those sponsored posts and pretty self-explanatory. You are paying someone to tweet something from their twitter account of theirs. I should mention that I have done this only few times and got different results, but in single situation I was able to manage generating few hundred visits on my blog through one of my articles that is usually more than what I will obtain with banner ad and for fraction of the price. The advantage is also there of being capable of expanding one’s own Twitter following in process that is yet another extra bonus.

Useful: one can make use of search for the Twitter users who are selling tweets within your niche.


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