Beginner’s Guide to Making Money on Social Media Sites: Part 1

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There’s no doubt that social media is gradually becoming a more intergal part of people’s lives. Even as little as 3 years ago no one would have been able to estimate the extent of growth in this exciting industry. This growth is no better demonstrated than by Pinterest; a photo sharing application that gained more daily international traffic within a period of months than its older and more established sisters; twitter, facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin.

Before you venture into making money with social media it is nessessary to have been accepted into a CPA program. There are a plethora of reputable CPA companies online. Luckily there are never (or very rarely) any application fees to become an affiliate of a CPA program. Some well known examples of CPA companies include Blamads, Neverblue, and Maxbounty.

Since we are promoting on social media sites we will obviously need to create some accounts. Undoubtedly, he amount of accounts you own directly corresponds with the risk loosing business in case of the event that one of them get banned for commercial use and abuse. Unfortunately, facebook now requires you to phone verify accounts. If you have a bit of startup cash buying a dozen or so facebook accounts is a very good investment for internet marketing ventures. You can typically find dependable facebook account suppliers on marketplace and freelance sites such as Fiverr.

Once you’ve been approved as an affiliate and have some facebook accounts you can start creating your profiles. This is where the real fun comes into play! That is, if you’re willing to play the role of a hot girl! Make sure you register a normal account. A business account will detract from the believability and realism of your character. This is why it’s important to use a picture of an attractive but tastefully dressed girl. A nude photo will come across as spammy and fake; not to mention put your account at risk for a ban due to explicit adult content. Ensure that you have set your location to a major metropolitan area and your “likes” include relevant pop culture and mainstream subject matter. Obviously liking Starbucks and Ryan Gosling is a little more believable than liking SEO and reputation management! It’s also a good idea to regularly post to your page. This could include “girly’ pictures from Pinterest like cupcakes or chanel fashion or up-to-date new links to Huffington Post The next crucial step is to add as many friends as you can. The beauty of this is you’ll soon get more requests than you can handle! The next step is to create a “hot girl” fanpage. You can use the same picture as that on your profile. Again, it is critical to keep to PG-13 and omit any nudity. Ensure that you “like” Although freebie CPA offers work well, the best way to optimize revenue is to sign up to an adult program. Plugrush is the ideal affiliate program for this method.

In order to start earning you need to setup a website. Purchase a simple adult themed domain and setup a wordpress blog on a hosting site. There are endless adult themes that are very effective. The next post will go into detail about which plugins to install and how to create an automated blog that works for you! No more tiring writing tasks!

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