Ask and You Shall Receive: Free 2 Week Trial for all Anticareer Readers to SEMrush

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Yesterday I wrote a post about SEMrush (you can read it here) which is a great tool for website owners to do keyword research on their sites and on their competitor’s sites.  As I was writing the article I had the idea to give a shout to the SEMrush team and see if they’d be willing to give you guys a free trial of their full version product.  In under 24 hours I got the response that they’d be happy to give Anticareer readers the chance to test out their site for free for two weeks.  This is really cool of them, considering the membership cost is $69/month the two free weeks is about a $35 value that you get for free because 1.  you read 2. I decided to give them a shout and 3.  they were very cool and said yes. I sent out a newsletter today and let my newsletter readers know that this free trial was going to be posted today.  In the event that you are reading this sometime in the distant future and wish you knew about it you can sign up (yes for free) to the Anticareer newsletter to get the inside scoop when cool shit is about to happen.

Now before you rush to sign up you should read this and understand it…  in order to keep those few bastards who like to scam the system from abusing this two week free trial offer, SEMrush is requiring that you create an account (free) and put a credit card on file.  IMPORTANT:  You can test the service for two weeks totally free.  If you want to keep the service (and pay) going forward you can do so.  If you don’t want to be charged anything, before your two week trial expires you need to cancel so that you don’t get charged for the upcoming month.  I’m being very straightforward here so don’t come bitching and moaning if you forget to do this and you start to curse me out because its on you to cancel before the two weeks are over.  When you create the free account and get the free 2 week membership it very clearly tells you when the free trial is valid until.

Now that I got that little disclaimer out of the way you can go and get that free 2 week trial which you can grab here.   You should see the same deal as the image above where it tells you the current date, the date in 2 weeks, and tells you that there is no charge for today.  I asked and SEMrush said this is for any reader so it does not appear to be capped at a certain number of free trials.  Enjoy the free two weeks.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy the tool as much as I do.


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