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What’s up, this is Chris and you’ve landed on my blog Anticareer.com.  This blog is a fun little side project for me, something to give me a break from projects or methods I’m working on. I’ll talk about my internet marketing career, past and present methods and projects I’ve done, and whatever else comes into mind that day.

Consider this… there are the majority of people who will plug away for 50 years at their job.  Always working for someone else, having to answer to bosses who typically don’t appreciate you like they should, and working harder only results in someone else getting richer.  The majority will work 50 weeks out of the year on a set schedule and they are rewarded with 2 weeks off.  They sit in rush hour traffic on their commute to work every morning and they sit in that traffic on the way home every night.  The hours get longer and longer but the pay stays the same.  They see less and less of their family and they become disillusioned, bitter, and depressed yet they continue to live in their repetitive cycle.  This is what internet marketing can help you avoid and on Anticareer I will shares my stories which hopefully will inspire you to shun the life of the majority and become part of the minority that work on their own terms and have financial freedom to boot.

I started my first web based project in 2005 and over the following two years I lost thousands of dollarson a project that was a loser from the beginning (I just didn’t know it). This taught me probably the most valuable lesson I’ll ever know…

Learn before you do.

I spent most of 2007 learning.  I would read everything I could and I gained a ton of knowledge: SEO, CPA, Affiliate Programs, PPC, PPV, Whitehat Methods, Blackhat Methods, Revenue Share, Adsense, Paid Ad Placements…   At the end of 2007 I started a new website.  By the end of 2008 that single website had earned me $75,000 in profit and from that point on I’ve been able to pull in profit of six figures a year, each year more than the year before.

There are a lot of things I enjoy about internet marketing but I have to say the main one is that your reward (i.e. profit) is directly tied to how hard you work…  so someone who busts their ass will be rewarded accordingly by an increase in their earnings, unlike if you were working a 9-5 job in Corporate America where you’d just get a pat on the back at most.  I also like being my own boss, being able to run with any projects I think up without needing anyone else’s approval, being able to take vacations on a moment’s notice whenever I damn well feel like it, and knowing that I can work hard today on a project that will provide me passive income for years to come.

If you find yourself having a question as you read through the blog you could drop me a line through the ‘mail bag’ and I’ll post your question and my answer online.  Enjoy reading Anticareer.com as much as I enjoy writing it.



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