A Backlink from Wikipedia Will Do Wonders for Your SEO

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Years ago getting backlinks from Wikipedia was relatively easy.  You could edit an entry to insert your backlink and there was not very strict oversight from Wikipedia.  Nowadays it is much harder to get your link into Wikipedia unless your site looks very professional, has no ads on it or very minimal ads on it, and your content is extremely relevant to the Wikipedia page’s topic that you are trying to get your link on.  There are also more checks and balances nowadays.  If you are attempting to edit a Wikipedia entry without having an established account at Wikipedia your edit attempt will be more scrutinized.  If you are found attempting to insert something that the Wikipedia team considers spam they could blacklist your IP and/or your URL.

There are people out there who have established Wikipedia accounts who (for a fee) will edit an entry to get your link in there.  An established account should be at least a year old and have at least 1,000 successful edits so if you’re going to pay someone you should check on those two stats.  People who have established accounts have a much easier time editing Wikipedia entries because the reviewers are busy moderating all the revisions from noobs and tend to let the established account edits slide by without a ton of oversight. If you are going to pay a fair rate would be anywhere from $25-100 depending on how hard the Wikipedia page is to get a link on, and if the seller is offering a refund if the link does not stick for at least 30 days.

So however you want to try to get a backlink on Wikipedia that is up to you.  The value of that link is something that a lot of people debate and I’ll give my own opinion which is that I think a link on a relevant Wikipedia page is worth a TON for your site’s SEO.  The links are no-follow which is not ideal for SEO.  But my belief is that Wikipedia passes a ton of rank trust.  A link on Wikipedia is telling Google that your site is an authority on the topic and I believe Google listens.  I see lots of people paying for mass produced backlinks that are crap.  Forum profiles, xrumer forum post blasts, blog comments, etc…   I think these mass produced backlinks are good to point to a second level in a link pyramid, but not to your money site.

Spend your time and/or money getting high quality backlinks to your money site and start with Wikipedia.  A link on Wikipedia is priceless and I think if you are successful you will see movement in the SERPS for your site very soon to follow.

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  1. This is very interesting. I was going for as many links as I can get, but looks like the quality is the key.
    thanks for this info

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  2. This is good advice on how to get your domain name blacklisted.

    Inappropriate links are easily recognized no matter who inserts them, and repeated insertions, especially by multiple users, nearly always results in blocking or blacklisting. And remember, Wikipedia’s blacklist is public, and indexed by Google. How do you think your SEO would be affected if you get on the blacklist?

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    • @ Axl Q
      There is a smart way to do things and a no so smart way to do things. If you do things the smart way you won’t get blacklisted. If you do things quickly and are lazy then you run the risk of getting caught.

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  3. really great to get a back link from Wikipedia for the SEO…suppose i write a article that is not on the Wikipedia and my account is only 2 months old then i can i have a change to get the back link or not..??

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  4. Hi Chris, THanks for the great post~!.
    I just become your fan~!
    Mind if i ask you how many wikipedia links will give me enough boost to rank high on google with good keywords and backlink diversity on url?

    Thank you~!

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    • A Wikipedia backlink is very powerful. It alone won’t give you a good ranking in the SERPS but it will definitely help. From Wikipedia links I have to various sites I also see referral traffic come from Wikipedia so I’m getting some direct traffic from that link too.

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      • Thanks for your reply~!
        I have one more question though,
        is it going to give me a same effect even if get a link from non-english wikipedia site?

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        • I would assume a backlink from Wikipedia.org would be the most valuable since it would have the highest page rank (or do they call it page factor nowadays).

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  5. I am a prolific Wikipedia editor and I have been this type of job for some time now. I agree with all that the author has stated above.

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  6. As far as I understand Wikipedia backlinks are “nofollow”, so according to Google do not really affect the ranking of your page in search results. I must admit that I am somewhat confused by all the different opinions out there as to how effective such a backlink really is. Did anybody notice a drastic change in their ranking after publishing anything there?

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    • Even as nofollows I believe Google looks at Wikipedia based backlinks as having very high authority.

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  7. Interesting to know. A lot of our pictures have been used on Wikipedia articles since they all have a creative commons share-alike licence.

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